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Marketing on a dime

Article-Marketing on a dime

Do you ever think of practice marketing as a post-op activity? Steven H. Dayan, MD, does. In addition to the traditionally effective marketing strategies that bring patients into his practice before a procedure, he has a unique approach to post-operative marketing. While many cosmetic surgeons would agree that a satisfied patient is a great form of word-of-mouth advertising, Dr. Dayan takes that one step further.

He gives many of his patients a personalized, wallet-sized photo card that is a selling tool for his practice and his cosmetic surgery expertise. He calls the card a passport, and it includes a pre-op and post-op photo (after healing) of the patient. On the back is a quote from Dr. Dayan reflecting his patient philosophy, "It's about making people feel better."


"There is no better way to spread good will," says Dr. Dayan. "The cards are rather inexpensive to make." For about two years he has been mailing out the passports to satisfied patients within a few months of their procedures. Not every patient receives one, although most do. To decide who gets one, he evaluates each patient's individual experience and how likely they are to want the passport and show it to others.

Patients easily carry the passport card with them and often pull out the card when friends or family comment on their improved appearance. The patient is reminded of his or her "before" face and how Dr. Dayan enhanced it. He gains free advertising when the person viewing the card sees his name and business contact information printed on the back.

The passport also builds or reinforces the patient's post-op satisfaction when he or she can — at any time — look at the card to see the aesthetic improvements brought about by Dr. Dayan.

"We all forget what we looked like years ago, even without undergoing a procedure."

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