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Introducing YOU marketing

Article-Introducing YOU marketing

Introducing YOU marketing

To attract new cosmetic patients to your practice, you have to first get their attention. This may sound simple enough, but in reality you and everyone else is vying for the attention of today’s cosmetic patient. So, how do you stand out among the competition?

While there is no one single place to go for attention, as the second largest search engine next to Google, YouTube could be your ‘Golden Ticket’. 

People upload more than 100 hours of video per minute to YouTube and it has become the ultimate learning center to discover virtually anything you are interested in. For example, cosmetic rejuvenation.

How to get started

The easiest way to get started on YouTube is to upload any videos of talks you have given at medical conferences or in your community. This portrays you as the expert and elevates your status as an invited speaker. 

Another easy idea, videotape your consultations with prospective patients since you are most comfortable in that scenario. Film with a nice background showing off your degrees, displaying your website on the computer you’re sitting next to and if you’ve written a book, making sure it is placed in sight. 

The good news is you do not need to be a trained actor – it is so much better if you just act natural; be yourself. Use props such as computer imaging, animation or sketch to help you explain the results the patient can expect.

Typical questions you want to answer include:  the benefits they will receive from a cosmetic procedure or treatment, the anesthesia used, pain, downtime, costs and incisions.

And even though you may believe patients already know the answers to these questions, they haven’t heard these answers from you directly. 

The point is, prospective cosmetic patients want to know you, so they are comfortable saying yes to you. 

Videos that multitask 

Once you make a YouTube Video, you can use it for all sorts of promotional efforts such as:

Uploading to your website and to specific web pages that make the most sense

Sending an email blast to your patient database so your current patients watch it and are encouraged to call you

Using it in social media posts and Facebook ads to gain name recognition and spread your message

Running the videos on an iPad your prospective patients can watch while waiting for you. Not only will they get educated on your various procedures, but it could make them more confortable agreeing to do their own video consultation with you.

See you on YouTube!

About the author

Catherine Maley, MBA
Ms. Maley has been an author, speaker, consultant and trainer for the cosmetic industry since 2000. Her mission is to help cosmetic practices attract and convert more cosmetic patients via creative marketing strategies and training staff to be conversion rock stars. Get more free resources at 

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