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Innovative light therapy device rejuvenates, tightens and strengthens skin

Article-Innovative light therapy device rejuvenates, tightens and strengthens skin

Sponsored by Zero Gravity

The Perfectio X light therapy system from Zero Gravity (Miami Beach, Fla.) was created to deliver the safest and most effective light-emitting diode (LED) technology for pain management and skin rejuvenation. Featuring powerful red light, infrared light and heat, Perfectio X actively works to reverse cellular damage accumulating over time. Additionally, the device improves penetration of topical agents after aesthetic procedures.

Paris Sabo, MD, an aesthetic medicine specialist in Fullerton, Calif., has long been aware of the benefits of red and infrared light therapy. A cancer surgeon by training, she has used these therapies for post-operative wound healing. “I find the Perfectio X to be very convenient. It is compact and provides the same amount of energy that larger, more expensive products provide, but in a very compact, easy-to-use form.”

She also likes the Perfectio X’s combination of three therapies. She uses the red light, infrared light and heating mechanism to help topical creams, gels and serums penetrate after procedures such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) microneedling and CO2 laser resurfacing.

Red light (610 nm – 670 nm) provides gentle, superficial collagen stimulation. Infrared technology has been studied and used for many years in wound and tissue healing, Dr. Sabo revealed. Near infrared light (830 nm – 850 nm) penetrates through the epidermis and into the dermis, where fibroblasts reside. This wavelength stimulates collagen production, increases vascularization and boosts skin-cell renewal.

Perfectio X’s heating element increases skin temperature to 107° F. “For hyaluronic acid gels post-microneedling, the heat will open up the pores and increase the circulation, improving penetration of serums and gels into the skin.”

Virginia Schekorra, DO, PA, owner of the Dermatology Center in St. Petersburg, Fla., began using the device on herself more than a year ago. “The neck area is different than any other skin. It is highly sensitive and can scar easily. There are not many aesthetic treatments you can do safely on the neck. You can use the Perfectio X daily, and it is safe, without scarring, burning or complications.”

Dr. Schekorra, who used to have several rhytides of varying severity on her neck, reported that using Perfectio X has, “resulted in elimination of these lines.”

She added that Perfectio X works well when combined with Zero Gravity’s topical creams. Due to her sensitive, allergy-prone skin, Dr. Schekorra’s skin was so dry it was sore. “I couldn’t find anything that would moisturize my skin until I started using these products,” she emphasized.

Treatment is very comfortable, she said. “It is warm and soothing. And there is no post-procedure downtime.”

Sonja Mountain, DC, a chiropractic nutritionist at Well Within Health Restoration Center in Indialantic, Fla., reported that her patients love Perfectio X treatment. Along with the healing qualities, patients enjoy the sensation of the device gliding against the skin. “It feels so good that they ask, ‘Can you do that longer?’”

As a medical doctor, Dr. Sabo always looks for products that make her life and her patient’s lives better. “By combining the benefits of red and infrared light and heat therapy, Perfectio X fits the bill,” she expressed.

In addition to the Perfectio X, Zero Gravity’s line of high-end professional devices includes Sapphire X. Featuring 415 nm blue light, the Sapphire X has been clinically proven to eliminate P. acnes bacteria to detoxify and clear blemishes. Clinical trials have also shown optimal acne clearance when blue light is combined with red- infrared light treatment, making Sapphire X and Perfectio X the perfect complement to each other.

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