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Implant inspiration

Article-Implant inspiration

It took 10 years of listening to surgically endowed patients complain about ill-fitting, uncomfortable bras before David B. Brothers, M.D., F.A.C.S., a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Atlanta, Georgia, took matters — and materials — into his own hands.

He teamed up with lingerie company Le Mystère to create Le Mystère No. 9, a line of bras specifically designed to support and complement the size and shape of augmented breasts.

"Augmented breasts have a more spherical shape, while conventional bras are more conical in shape, Dr. Brothers explains. "The No. 9 cup is more spherical and the underwire semi-circular, because the footprint of the breast implant itself is circular."

Timing is everything

The new line couldn't have come at a better time for the cosmetically enhanced, as statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show breast augmentation topped the plastic surgery list in 2006, with 329,000 patients opting for the procedure. However, according to Dr. Brothers, the post-operative population seems to need a little more support — anatomical, that is.

"Saline implants are heavier than gel implants, which are heavier than natural breasts, so women need that additional support," he says. Therefore, Le Mystère No. 9 contains patented cups and underwires designed to give that support.

"Support should not be from the shoulder straps," he says, "it should come from the cups, band and underwires."

The cups of the bra are deeper to accommodate the fullness on the top of the breast, along with the more outward projection of the areola and nipple, which typically occurs with breast implants, he says.

In addition, the underwire is more rounded to adhere to the contour of the augmented breast, and the center connector is wider to accommodate a wider cleavage due to the narrower base diameter and confined volume of the augmented breasts.

No discrimination

Even though the No. 9 line was created with the augmented breast in mind, Dr. Brothers says women who haven't gone under the knife can expect an extra lift from the bra, too.

"Natural breast tissue is pliable and softer, and the bra encourages the natural breast to take on the appearance of an augmented breast — a more youthful, enhanced appearance," Dr. Brothers says.

The line showcases a variety of styles and colors, priced between $70 and $80 per bra. They are sold at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue stores nationwide.

Breast implants or not, Dr. Brothers says 80 percent of women are walking around wearing the wrong-sized bra. Other doctors say every breast is different, including those that are augmented. Therefore, if you want to get it right, you've got to get the right the fit.

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