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Fotona4D available with new cost-effective TimeWalker platform

Article-Fotona4D available with new cost-effective TimeWalker platform

Sponsored by Fotona

The popular Fotona4D® protocol associated with the dual-wavelength SP Dynamis PROTM laser system from Fotona (U.S. and Europe) will be a key aspect of the recently launched TimeWalkerTM platform. Offering many popular features and modes, at a significantly lower price point, the TimeWalker may be just the thing for physicians looking at their bottom line, or not in need of the expanding versatility of a platform like the SP Dynamis.

TimeWalker will feature specialized titanium accessories, the patented Fotona OptiflexTM arm, wireless footswitch and the usual top-hat beam profile optics for predictable, uniform treatment. The platform is optimized for the Fotona4D, EyeLase and LipLaseTM protocols.

Comprehensive Fotona4D therapy provides a true nonsurgical, inside-out facial rejuvenation treatment with low down- time, according to dermatologist Eugene J. Nowak, DO, founder of Nowak Aesthetics (San Diego, Calif.). “While touted as an injectables-free facial treatment, Fotona4D lends itself well to use with injectables as part of a global facial aesthetic strategy,” he added.

Treatment begins with intraoral treatment using the Er:YAG wavelength in gentle, but long-pulsed and powerful SMOOTHTM mode. “This is the only protocol for heating intraorally without ablation or downtime, something only the Fotona systems can deliver,” Dr. Nowak stated. “No other erbium laser can do this.”

Next, the Nd:YAG in FRAC3TM mode harnesses a proprietary pulse structure for a pseudofractional effect, providing ablative resurfacing to treat laxity and pigment. “This is also good for pores and oil glands without increasing recovery time,” Dr. Nowak reported.

“Using the ultra-long pulse of PIANOTM mode, deep bulk heating induces collagen remodeling,” Dr. Nowak continued. “Patients report that this feels like a warm cloth on the skin, and in real time we can monitor temperature.”

Finally, SupErficialTM mode completes treatment with a light or moderate laser peel which, Dr. Nowak noted, gives an unrivaled finishing touch and is where treatment is more fully customized. “This is where you can dial in the downtime,” he said. “If patients can tolerate more social down-time, you can go even heavier with the peel, but if they need very low downtime you can still get great results.”

Generally, Fotona4D is a series of monthly treatments, but Dr. Nowak explained that it depends on the patient.

The advantage of the TimeWalker platform, according to Dr. Nowak, will be the offering of fewer features and handpieces than the SP Dynamis at a dramatically lower price point.

“There are features and benefits to having the SP Dynamis and these capabilities make it very versatile, customizable and attractive. That being said, there is a lot of power in TimeWalker, and it is not only a lower price point, it has a smaller footprint,” Dr. Nowak pointed out.

“It may also be ideal for practices with multiple offices that offer top treatments (Fotona4D, EyeLase, LipLase) consistently at each location or in multiple rooms – another justification for a more cost-effective platform even if capabilities are reduced from its predecessor.”

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