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Five simple strategies to get a YES

Article-Five simple strategies to get a YES

Five simple strategies to get a YES

You are in a tough situation when promoting your cosmetic services to prospective patients. Since they can’t necessarily see, touch or feel the quality of your work, you need to be creative when promoting your skills and expertise. 

Getting to a yes involves a mix of logical, emotional and personal strategies so the patient perceives you as the right choice for them. Here are five simple ways to convert your prospective patients into a yes:

Position yourself as the best choice

Pave the way for a new patient to get to know you before they meet you. Put together a “Shock and Awe” brag email outlining your credentials, training, experience, pro-bono work, family and hobbies.

This will not only make a new patient feel more confident in your expertise, they will feel as if they know you as a provider, athlete, parent, humanitarian, etc.

Bond early 

The more comfortable a patient feels with you, the more likely they are to say yes to you. So, begin bonding right away by making a pre-consultation call to them. The objective of the call is to introduce yourself and get to the know the patient better. 

Ask several questions and let them answer. They will be much more excited to show up for their appointment and meet you in person.

Brag book at reception

Prepare a high-end photo album and title it, “What Our Patients are Saying….” and fill it up with real patient stories talking about their own cosmetic journey with you, their before/after photos, as well as thank you notes, reviews and emails you get from happy patients. Have your new patients peruse the album while they wait to meet you, so they see how well liked and respected you are by your current patients. 

Find their hot button

The more that patients feel you truly understand them, the more connected they will feel with you. If you really talk to your patients, you will discover there are many reasons why they want cosmetic rejuvenation.

However, if you dig deeper, there is typically one main reason that is pushing them to do something about it now rather than continue to procrastinate. Find out what that hot button is and keep them focused on it, as well as the future result they will get, throughout your time with them.

Run a smooth operation

The better run your practice is, the more the patient will perceive you to be of quality. Go through every step in your patient experience to be sure it is finely tuned so that patients feel they are in great hands.

About the Author

Catherine Maley, MBA

Catherine Maley is an author, speaker, podcaster, consultant and trainer for the cosmetic industry since Year 2000. Her mission is to help cosmetic practices attract AND convert more cosmetic patients using creative marketing strategies and staff training to turn them into converting rock stars. Get free practice-building resources at 

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