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The fast-track to patients and profits

Article-The fast-track to patients and profits

The fast-track to patients and profits

Most cosmetic practices are focusing on one thing – new patient leads. However, I want you to shift your focus to more paid procedures, because more procedures bring in revenue regardless of where they came from, right?

This might surprise you, but rather than focus on the latest Internet tactic, what if you focus on your existing patient base with simple internal strategies.

You’re literally sitting on a goldmine this very moment, right inside your patient files. The fastest and straightest path to developing massive practice growth is to consistently nurture your past and current patients so they return, refer and review.

With this in mind, here are three strategies to increase cosmetic procedure volume in your practice: 

Strategy 1: In-office patient communications

Clearly communicate to your patients how much you appreciate their referrals. Have an eye-catching display at your check out counter. Include take-a-way cards so your patients pop a few cards in their wallet to pass along to their friends later. You can be even more direct by including a couple of these referral cards with their receipt. 

As an added touch, have your staff wear lapel pins to help spread the word that you love referrals!

The point is, you can’t assume your patients know to refer their friends to you, so tell them directly!

Strategy 2: Patient appreciation event

Hold a fun annual patient appreciation event for your patients and their friends. Serve wine and food, have vendors on hand to do mini demonstrations and give short presentations about what’s new in the world of cosmetic rejuvenation. 

Include a social media corner where they can post photos and promote you to their Internet friends.

Strategy 3: Direct mail campaign

Mail a pretty greeting card (with a colored envelope) to your current patient database. Tell them how much you appreciate them as a patient and how you would like more patients just like them. 

Include a “Thank You” gift card for your patient to return to you and a couple of “Get-to-Know-Us” gift cards for their friends.

Be sure to add an expiration date of 30-60 days to create an opportunity for you to email and call them as that date approaches to be sure they take advantage of this special offer. 

So, for the low cost of the mailing, a follow-up email and phone call, you ‘wake up’ sleeping patients and rekindle relationships. That is how you grow your practice easily, quickly and cost-effectively.

About the author

Catherine Maley, MBA
Ms. Maley has been an author, speaker, consultant and trainer for the cosmetic industry since 2000. Her mission is to help cosmetic practices attract and convert more cosmetic patients via creative marketing strategies and training staff to be conversion rock stars. 

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