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Expandable multiplatform system offers versatility and improved ROI

Article-Expandable multiplatform system offers versatility and improved ROI

Sponsored by Quanta

The Light 4VTM laser from Quanta System SpA (Samarate, Italy) is the latest addition to the company’s multifunctional EVO series, combining a series of gold standard laser options in a single platform to perform a wide-range of aesthetic and dermatologic treatments.

The expandable EVO system offers three versatile laser wavelengths: 532 nm for superficial benign vascular and pigmented lesions; 755 nm for permanent hair reduction on light skin types; and 1064 nm for permanent hair reduction on light and darker skin types, as well as the treatment of wrinkles and benign vascular lesions.

For Sean Branch, DO, FAAD, a dermatologist in Gulf Breeze, Fla., the EVO is very appealing because it offers a multitude of treatment options for his patients, along with a variety of applications and wavelengths in a multi-functional device. “I don’t have to buy separate IPL, ablative or vascular devices,” he expressed. “I have all these choices on one platform. This was good for minimizing upfront costs, as well as ease-of- use and the best use of space in my office.”

According to James Koehler, MD, a cos- metic surgeon in Fairhope, Ala., the system is fast and efficient. “In my experience this is the most reliable, cost-effective device I’ve had the pleasure to work with,” he stated. “It is easy to operate and the treatment room stays cooler when compared to previous multi-platform devices I’ve used.”

Among its many applications, the Light 4V excels at hair reduction and facial skin treatments. “The IPL addresses some sun dam- aged skin, brown and red spots and minor small vessels on the hands and face,” noted Dr. Branch.

“Hair removal using this device is virtually painless for patients,” Dr. Branch added. “You can use contact cooling or you can have a Zimmer system hooked up that blows cold air through the handpiece. The Light 4V accommodates both approaches.”

It is also possible to combine the optional handpieces with other pulsed sources, as in a 1064 nm treatment followed with a final revision with 2940 nm for the treatment of vascularization in scars. Additionally, the laser can be equipped with Twain options to expand treatment possibilities.

For instance, Twain 2940 is good for skin resurfacing with a microbeam tip for high precision skin ablation and scar revision. Twain IPL addresses inflammatory acne, benign vascular and pigmented lesions and permanent hair reduction.

Considering all that the Light 4V brings to the table, “Patient satisfaction is much better than with other devices I have used,” stated Dr. Koehler. “It is a much more comfortable laser with great results.”

Dr. Branch noted the EVO system’s exceptional return on investment (ROI). “Anyone in the market to purchase lasers knows that costs can add up quickly, and if you’re looking at multiple devices that number will skyrocket,” he said. “The Quanta laser is inexpensive to operate, doesn’t involve a lot of consumables, and has no monthly fees. So, you can achieve ROI a lot faster than with some of the other products in the market.”

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