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Endotine Ribbon Lift

Article-Endotine Ribbon Lift

Procedure Description: NOTE: This procedure is not recommended by our Editorial Advisory Board. Thread lifting procedures to eliminate sagging skin on face remain controversial and patients should do their homework before opting for this facelift alternative. A procedure called “Ribbon Lift” involves making an incision behind the ear or in the temporal hairline and placing a bioabsorbable Endotine Ribbon to hold the muscle back and allow the surgeon to tighten loose skin. The ribbon is passed into the cheek or neck region and jowl line. The ribbon is then pulled back to lift the cheek and neck and is secured to the deeper structures of the temple and posterior ear region. This lifting action produces excess skin around the earlobe, which can be left alone or trimmed to complete the procedure. However, midface or cheek lifts can be performed without the Endotine Ribbons with simple sutures. Know that Endotine Ribbons are a new option, but not the only option.

Length of Procedure: It takes approximately 45 to 90 minutes.

Recovery: Patients usually recover within a week although many have returned to work a lot sooner.

Risks: Side effects include bruising, swelling and visualization of the endotine through the skin.

Results: Some say this procedure can make those who have it look years younger, but this new procedure has yet to prove itself for the long-term.

Estimated Cost: Cost is approximately $5,000 to $6,500 for the full face.

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