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Earlobe Fillers

Article-Earlobe Fillers

Procedure Description: Wrinkled earlobes got you down? Dermal fillers can plump up and reduce wrinkles on aging earlobes. Numbing gel can be used, even though it may not be necessary. Then the physician injects a thin needle of filler into the back side of the earlobe at about two or three different sites.

Length of Procedure: It takes about 5 to 10 minutes per ear.

Recovery: Within minutes of the injection, a patient can insert earrings.

Risks: Generally there is very little if any bruising, and if it does occur, it’s temporary.

Results: The effects are immediate and can last for nearly a year but will need to be maintained through follow-up procedures. For a more permanent option, silicone can be used but the procedure has to be done very gradually, over a period of about four months.

Estimated Cost: A physician may charge $750 for a syringe of Restylane/ Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus (for both ears).

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