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Tips for treating men with Botox

Article-Tips for treating men with Botox

Dr. GreenDermatologists treating men’s frown lines with neurotoxins should take a few important things into consideration, according to Miami, Fla.-based dermatologist Jeremy B. Green, M.D.

Dr. Green gave a talk on botulinum toxins for men, during the March 4 presentation, “Botulinum Toxin Applications: Past, Present, and Future,” at the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla.

"When treating the male patient with botulinum toxin, consider using a seven-point injection, instead of the traditional five-point brow injections for frown lines, with one injection site on each side of the forehead,” Dr. Green tells Dermatology Times. “This can prevent the dreaded brow peaking 'Spock' look--a tell-tale sign of [botulinum toxin] injections your guy will not want to display.”

Another tip for male patients: When treating the frontalis make sure to treat the muscle all the way superiorly to the hairline, according to Dr. Green.

“Failure to do so can result in a 'shower cap' appearance, where above the relaxed portion of the forehead, frontalis fibers are still contracting. Most men … are sheepish about getting neuromodulator treatments, so inject him properly, so the world knows he looks great but can't pinpoint why,” he says.

Disclosure: Dr. Green is an advisor, speaker, investigator or consultant to Allergan, BioPharmX, Brickell Biotech, Cutera, Cynosure, Galderma Laboratories, Galderma USA, Lutronics, Merz Aesthetics, Neothetics, Revance Therapeutics and Valeant Pharmaceuticals International.

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