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New devices help patients age gracefully

Article-New devices help patients age gracefully

Michael H. Gold, M.D.Today’s dermatologists have access to “incredible” energy-based devices that help patients to cosmetically age gracefully, says Michael H. Gold, M.D., medical director, Gold Skin Care Center and Tennessee Clinical Research Center, Nashville, Tenn.

“We know from studies published in our literature that the use of intense-pulsed light sources (IPLs) done yearly over time can improve skin quality and skin health. We also know that the use of some of the newer radio frequency needling pins and needles are having dramatic changes with our patient’s skin quality, both wrinkles and scars. And fractional lasers--both CO2 and the new pico lasers--are having major impacts on skin health,” says Dr. Gold, who spoke on energy-based devices, absorbable sutures and skincare during the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla.

Absorbable lifting and contouring sutures make up a new and emerging area in cosmetic age management, he says.

“The Silhouette Instalift (Sinclair Pharmaceuticals) is an absorbable suture made of glycolic and lactic acids that has an instant lifting affect [and also] amazing volumizing and re-contouring effects over time,” Dr. Gold says.

Skincare always is part of the aging gracefully equation and new products seem to be making a bigger impact in long-term skin health and appearance, according to Dr. Gold.

“New products from Skinceuticals, including combining CE Ferrulic and Phyloretin PF, are helping reduce skin aging. The new Defanage growth factor Defensins line, as well as the Senté heparin sulfate skincare line, all play new and exciting roles in skin health,” he says.

Disclosure: Dr. Gold is a consultant for: Aerolase, Alma, Lumenis, Syneron, EndyMed, Venus Concept, Thermi, SkinCeuticals, Defanage, Sente, Merz, Galderma, Croma and Allergan.

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