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Emerging cosmeceuticals

Article-Emerging cosmeceuticals

Dr. FarrisArming dermatologists with what’s scientifically known about cosmeceuticals is important, according to Patricia Farris, M.D., of Old Metairie Dermatology, in Metairie, La.

“Patients look to us for advice about what works and what doesn’t and how to choose products that are best for them,” says Dr. Farris, who spoke on “The Science of Cosmeceuticals and Nutraceuticals,” at the 2017 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting in Orlando, Fla. Dr. Farris talked about novel antiaging cosmeceuticals.

The dermatologist says these are new and emerging categories of cosmeceuticals in skincare.

“Novel derivatives of vitamin A entering the market can provide effective gentle over-the-counter alternatives to prescriptions, such as tretinoin,” Dr. Farris says. “Stem cell stimulators rejuvenate the skin by making keratinocytes and fibroblasts function more like they did when they were younger. And, finally, topical pre- and probiotics alter the microbiome in a positive way, while at the same time providing moisturizing, antiinflammatory and skin rejuvenating benefits.”

While there is still much to learn about these products, preliminary studies are promising, according to Dr. Farris. 

For dermatologists who want to incorporate cosmeceuticals into practice, Dr. Farris says that cosmeceuticals are an essential part of any antiaging treatment plan.

“They are effective as photoprotectors, skin lighteners and anti-aging agents. Cosmeceuticals can also be used to prime the skin before cosmetic procedures and to promote healing and minimize complications after procedures,” she says.  

Disclosure: Dr. Farris has consulting, teaching or speaking ties with Allergan, ISDIN, L'Oreal USA, Regimen MD and SkinCeuticals. 

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