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CST Outcomes

Article-CST Outcomes

follows-up on recent stories

In our January/February 2007 issue, we covered the latest news on promising new evidence that could address the well-known limitation of fat transplantation used as a filler in plastic and reconstructive surgery. (See “Stemming Time’s Tides.”)

Early evidence suggested that neovascularization can be engendered in a fat transplant by supplementing the implanted tissue with autologous adipose-derived stem cells (ADCs). As reported on consumer cosmetic surgery site, a new device on the market, the Celution System, used to extract ADCs, is now being used in a new and innovative procedure called “Celution,” which has just been approved in the European Union. The technique will first focus on breast reconstruction for women who have undergone a partial mastectomy or lumpectomy. However, breast augmentation through the Celution technique may be a possibility in the future for women looking for minimally invasive, virtually scarless breast augmentation.

The system sterilely disaggregates adipose tissue using a temperature and enzyme-driven process. Within an hour, the surgeon has a syringe containing concentrated stem cells that are injected into the patient’s breast tissue. Within six months post procedure, breasts may enlarge by up to two cup sizes.

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