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Watch and learn with Advantage Play

Article-Watch and learn with Advantage Play

A new digital signage solution that provides an engaging multimedia experience to both educate and market services to patients has been launched by Orlando, Fla.-based Candace Crowe Design.

Advantage Play is an in-office video distribution platform which receives updates over the internet.

“Our marketing tool turns TVs into marketing machines,” Candace Crowe, founder and CEO of the company, tells Cosmetic Surgery Times.

With Advantage Play running in a waiting room, waiting patients “will be informed about all the procedures, events, specials and newsworthy items the practice has going on,” Ms. Crowe says. “Also, having the ability to make updates as soon as they happen is huge, such as a practice announcing a new skincare line or laser.”

Software comes preinstalled on a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) device that plugs into any display.

“The software allows practices to show video, create ads and run a newsfeed,” says Ms. Crowe, whose company has been developing marketing solutions for the aesthetic industry since 1999.

The design firm has uploaded over 100 different procedure videos, plus created editable ad templates for the video and ad regions.

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“In the Newsfeed, practices have free range to credential their practices, promote events or share specials,” according to Ms. Crowe.

She says Advantage Play allows practices to manage their brand and market themselves, both in the office and online, in any easy-to-use format.

“I am also excited that practices now have the ability to create their own ads in our Ad Maker, letting them unleash their inner artist,” Ms. Crowe says. “New ads are pushed out to the displays within 10 minutes.”

For Advantage Play as a whole, “anytime a cosmetic practice can own a piece of their marketing, however big that is, is a crucial piece of a successful practice,” Ms. Crowe says. “When you take ownership of something, the results are far more positive than when you just outsource things.”

Advantage Play is managed through the company’s Dashboard and training typically takes between 15 to 30 minutes. “What we have seen is that we will do one training session with the practice, after which they usually have one or two follow-up questions,” Ms. Crowe says. Following any questions, the practice is comfortable using the product fully.

The initial cost for a practice to use Advantage Play is $649, which includes the device and one licensing fee. There is also a $129 monthly subscription that covers the Dashboard and all content released by the company.

New content is added on a monthly basis. The company also has custom pricing for multiple displays.

“We have already been approached by numerous vendors for product-specific Advantage Plays,” Ms. Crowe says.

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