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Tips for 'stacking' fillers, toxins and energy-based treatments

Article-Tips for 'stacking' fillers, toxins and energy-based treatments

Use of fillers and neurotoxins to enhance the face are so widely used that it can be difficult for patients to differentiate your services from those available at the spa down the street. The fact is, offering fillers and neurotoxins, which are just the beginning of facial cosmetic treatment, is easily commoditized, and in today’s competitive market, you don’t want to succumb to deep discounts and pricing wars to maintain a healthy patient base.

“The ability to ‘stack’ treatments using fillers, toxins, and energy based technology, together, creates a harmony that can create near surgical results,” according to Julius W. Few M.D., director, The Few Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Chicago and NYC.

Dr. Few says strategies for defeating commoditization include:

  • Resisting the temptation to create competing advertisements that are based on lowest price.
  • Individualizing treatment strategies, making the focus more natural and artistic.

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Tips for 'Stacking' Treatments

Dr. Few offers these best practices for combining multiple treatment modalities to Cosmetic Surgery Times readers:

  • Restore lost volume to the face before resurfacing.
  • Where possible, relax dynamic wrinkles with neurotoxin before resurfacing.
  • Lift sagging facial anatomy before resurfacing and refilling if possible, either with surgery or Ultherapy [Ulthera].

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