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Study shows implants can be overfilled safely

Article-Study shows implants can be overfilled safely

TAMPA, FLA. — Saline-filled breast implants can be safely filled far beyond manufacturer's recommendations, according to researchers at the University of Florida. Daniel Greenwald, M.D., and colleagues sought to evaluate the effects of over- or underfilling implants on sensory response and implant shell mechanical properties and found that fill volume did not affect shell mechanical properties, shell strength or toughness, and that elasticity remained unchanged.

Dr. Greenwald considered the difficulty that surgeons have in determining the optimal volume for saline breast implants given that an ideal outcome often relies on overfilling implants to reduce wrinkles and improve longevity. He took 53 Mentor Style 1600 smooth saline-filled implants with a 275-cc base volume and filled the implants with saline ranging from 230 cc to 1650 cc. The implants were incubated at 37°C and 100 percent humidity for six weeks. Before destructive testing to determine strength, elasticity and toughness, 22 women aged 18 to 55 graded the implants for firmness to palpation.

Dr. Greenwald found that implants filled 50 percent above manufacturer's recommended volume were considered firm, whereas implants filled 50 percent below manufacturer's recommended volume were considered soft, concluding that saline implants can be safely filled far beyond manufacturer's recommendations.


Greenwald D, Moloye O, Ondrovic L, Lee W. Mechanical and sensory testing of overfilled breast implants. Aesthetic Surgery Journal. 2006; 26:29-34.

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