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A reintroduction and a chance to reconnect

Article-A reintroduction and a chance to reconnect

There is no doubt that with the exponential growth of cosmetic surgery it is difficult for the average practitioner to stay abreast of the latest trends, key meetings, relevant clinical studies and expert input on patient care and cosmetic practice management.

Staying abreast of what is happening and what is on the horizon is a challenge for the time-strapped cosmetic surgeon. If you are like me, you jump online in the rare breaks between patients and try to see what is going on in the cosmetic world.

Most of you remember Cosmetic Surgery Times, the “throwaway” journal that docs did not throw away. This was a great little publication because it encapsulated the pulse of cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine and the aesthetic business in general.

Our goal is to rekindle that spirit in a digital format. I was proud be a member of the editorial board and was sad when mergers and economics caused its demise. I really enjoyed reading Cosmetic Surgery Times because it was hip, credible and trendy in terms of reporting on cosmetic surgery.

I am equally honored to be included on the editorial board of Cosmetic Surgery Times Trends with some of the most prolific cosmetic surgery practitioners in the country.

The charge of this new cosmetic digital forum is to discuss innovative approaches to surgical and noninvasive cosmetic practice.

The editorial board and staff are committed to provide new perspectives and strategies in aesthetic techniques and technology, such as face, breast, body, minimally invasive techniques and injectables.

Having an online version of cosmetic karma will allow the busy practitioners to peruse our site and get the basics of what is new, what is hot and what is not. In addition, we encourage high-grade input from our readership to make this an interactive, informative forum.

Joe Niamtu III, D.M.D.
Cosmetic Facial Surgery
Richmond, Va.

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