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PDO threads for nonsurgical lifting

Article-PDO threads for nonsurgical lifting

Polydioxanone (PDO) threads are an excellent adjunct to a cosmetic practice for non-surgical tightening and lifting of the face and body, according to Kian Karimi M.D., a facial plastic surgeon who practices in Los Angeles and medical director of CosmoFrance, which is a distributor of NovaThreads.

“They are performed easily in the office and can produce an immediate lifting effect, especially in the face. The threads are dissolvable, so there are far less problems with the procedure than there used to be with non-dissolvable threads,” said Dr. Karimi, who presented on the topic of PDO threads for nonsurgical lifting yesterday during the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology 2016 meeting June 8 through 12, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

PDO is fully absorbed by hydrolysis within four to six months. But PDO stimulates collagen synthesis, which holds the skin structure created by the threads for 12 to 15 months, according to NovaThreads’ webpage for physicians (

“We are in the midst of initiating a clinical trial to look at outcomes and longevity of PDO threadlifts, but do not have any data to report yet,” Dr. Karimi said.

Patient Selection

The doctor says there are important considerations for surgeons who use PDO threads for nonsurgical lifting. They should, first, select the right patients for PDO thread lift, setting reasonable expectations. The right patient, Dr. Karimi said, will have mild to moderate sagging of their midface or lower third of their face.

“Someone in their 30s [to] 50s is usually a good candidate,” he said. “It is important to assess the patient and discuss their expectations and the results that can be achieved from the procedures.”

Technical Nuances

There are technical nuances to achieving excellent outcomes and minimizing complications, which makes proper technique important. Among those nuances: All of the threads are placed in the superficial subcutaneous plane. It is important not to go too deep to avoid big bruising or injury to deeper structures, according to Dr. Karimi.

“It is equally important to not place the threads too superficially as there is an increased chance of irregularity and/or puckering of the tissues and potential extrusion,” he said.

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