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Outcomes: CST follows up on recent stories

Article-Outcomes: CST follows up on recent stories

Key iconKey Points

  • Dr. Robert Ersek performed controversial liposuction and an abdominoplasty on a 12-year-old patient
  • The patient has since regained half of the 60 pounds she lost
  • As a result, the patient has undergone gastric lap banding in Mexico

In our March 2007 issue, we presented Dr. Robert Ersek's first-person account of his controversial decision to perform liposuction and an abdominoplasty on a 12-year-old patient. In a subsequent CounterPoint in the May CST , Dr. Sharon Giese responded to the article and provided recent medical references regarding the effect of liposuction on metabolism and its role as a weight loss tool.

A recent video update of that young patient posted in early August on CNN's Web site features interviews of both the patient and her mother. Since the surgery last October, the report states that the now 13 year old has regained "about half" of the 60 pounds she had lost. In the interview conducted by ABC affiliate KVUE-TV in Austin, Texas, the mother states: "Of course I didn't blame her because it's not her fault. She's a compulsive eater."

As a result of the weight rebound, the teenager's mother decided to take her daughter to Monterey, Mexico, to undergo a gastric lap banding procedure. She says that the excessive pre-surgical testing and paperwork required in the States prompted her decision to have her daughter's gastric banding surgery performed across the border. "Red tape is what I call it," she states.

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