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New products

Article-New products


Alma Lasers, based in the United States, has announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the Accent Dual Mode RF System for treating wrinkles and rhytids. The Accent system, which is nonablative, noninvasive and virtually painless, combines two radio frequency modes. Each of these modes is delivered via handpieces that allow volumetric RF thermotherapy at various tissue depths. According to the company, the Accent system was engineered for safety, ease of use and maximizing efficacy. Continuous movement of either of the handpieces causes gradual build-up of heat for achieving the optimal therapeutic results.

"Compared to other RF devices we have used, treatment with the Accent system is much less painful, faster and easier to perform. It also allows more artistic use on the face, " says David H. McDaniel, M.D., assistant professor of clinical dermatology and plastic surgery at Eastern Virginia Medical School and a principal investigator in the FDA study approving the Accent system. "Although responses vary, a high percentage of treated subjects showed a visible response. Some observe an immediate skin tightening of the face."

In other company news, Alma Lasers, Ltd., based in Israel, has launched the Soprano XL system, a laser hair removal system. The system is essentially painless due to a combination of high average power, rapid pulsing diode technology that is combined with an in-motion treatment technique, according to the company. Soprano XL has two modes: SHR (super hair removal) for in-motion hair removal and HR, a conventional diode laser mode. The company launched the Soprano XL at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting in Washington, D.C.

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ProSites, Inc. offers an easy and affordable way for a plastic surgeon to launch a quality Web site designed for current and prospective patients. The Web sites not only contain content oriented to patients (i.e., procedure descriptions, commonly asked questions and answers, online resources) but they also have interactive features that streamline patient communications and online appointment requests. According to the company, the cornerstone of their services is their Web Engine technology. A point and click interface gives the plastic surgeon more control of their Web site (i.e., adding before and after photos or additional pages). The plastic surgeon also has the ability to select a different Web site design at anytime without any additional charge. All Web site content can be edited as needed.

The company offers a "try before your buy" option to those interested in developing a Web site. It also offers an unlimited number of pages and Flash design elements without an added charge.

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Ecolab, Inc. introduces Endure Revitalizing Skin Lotion and Creme, a line of skin care products that has been formulated to improve skin health and hand hygiene compliance in healthcare workers.

The line was developed to meet the special needs of the healthcare industry. Consumer over-the-counter lotions often contain ingredients (i.e., petroleum) that can adversely affect the barrier properties of gloves or contain other ingredients that may compromise the antimicrobial activity of products for hand washing.

"We've formulated Endure Revitalizing Skin Lotion and Creme to improve moisture levels in the skin without compromising the antimicrobial benefits of other products or the efficacy of gloves used by healthcare workers," according to a spokesperson from Ecolab.

The product contains emollients, humectants and moisturizers as well as hyaluronic acid, a moisturizer and SymRepair (conditioner that helps improve the function of the skin barrier).

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