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Many ways to carve the turkey (neck)

Article-Many ways to carve the turkey (neck)

There are many ways to carve a turkey (and as the household surgical pro, we’re betting the honor falls to YOU), but what’s your preferred approach to treating turkey neck? Given the holiday, we thought it would be an appropriate time to take a look back at our most popular neck treatment stories of 2016:

Non-surgical neck tightening: What works best? 

Surgical options, such as the neck lift, facelift or platysmaplasty, still reign for optimal outcomes in neck tightening. But there’s good news. Nonsurgical options are getting better and better results, according to Jason D. Bloom, M.D., a facial plastic surgeon in Ardmore, Penn. » Read More

Neck contour: Open vs closed technique

Somebody with a sense of humor created the “#turkeygobbler” Twitter hashtag for a session about optimizing neck contouring at The Aesthetic Meeting earlier this year in Las Vegas. Funny stuff. But ridding patients of their troublesome wattles is a serious, difficult and potentially dicey business for plastic surgeons. Many aren’t comfortable with “opening the neck,” often because of concerns about safety. On the other hand, some surgeons feel excessive caution can lead to suboptimal results. Bottom line: Experts disagree on the answer. » Read More

NEXT: Can we offer patients a no-knife neck lift?


Can we offer patients a no-knife neck lift? 

“We can’t treat the neck as aggressively as the face … but I think we’re broadening the number of things we can do nonsurgically." ~ E. Victor Ross, M.D.

Read More of Dr. Ross' perspective on skin tightening, fat removal and heat.

Rethinking complete platysma transection

In a recent study, Mario Pelle Ceravolo, M.D., a plastic surgeon practicing in Rome, Italy, critically looked at his own series of 150 consecutive complete platysma transection necklift patients and suggests the specialty should reconsider what the most appropriate procedure might be for correction of the anterior neck. » Read More

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