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Lip service: Optimizing outcomes

Article-Lip service: Optimizing outcomes

When it comes to focusing on the face, the lips take second only to the eyes. Perhaps this is why nearly every patient wants to know, should I have my lips done? Perhaps this is also why the so-called Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge — the act of sucking the air out of a glass cylinder to create fuller lips — made headlines earlier this year.

Crazy at-home attempts aside, there are plenty of ways patient can “preview” lip enhancement results, from mixing in a little cayenne pepper with Vaseline to using a volumizing product such as Dermelect’s new Smooth Lip Volumizer, both of which create temporary, superficial lip swelling.

Once your patients decide to enter the realm of professional lip enhancing treatments, however, the approach and technique are up to you:

  • What are the parameters of her ideal lip shape?
  • How do you quantify the outcomes?
  • What if something goes wrong?

All valid questions, all of which can be explored and answered in content we've recently covered here at CST: 

Researchers define parameters of ideal lip shape

What makes lips attractive? Are there gender-related factors that determine so-called “attractive” lips? Results of a German study suggest that there are certain parameters that define the ideal shape of the lip and lower facial area for men vs women. READ MORE

A validated lip fullness scale

As lip-augmentation procedures become more popular, validated measures of lip fullness become more necessary for quantifying outcomes. LEARN MORE

Are lumpy lips normal after filler injection?

A recent post described lip nodules and swelling that became painful and noticeable soon after injection. Here’s why this may have happened and why she was right to be concerned. DR. EMER ANSWERS

KISSES — 6 tips for lips

“I spend a lot of time trying to convince patients not to inject their lips. If they really want to do their lips, I tell them we must do the face, or they will look like a skinny, ugly duck." ~Dr. Heidi Waldorf  READ MORE

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