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Genital enhancement Procedures improve ?sthetics, sensation

Article-Genital enhancement Procedures improve ?sthetics, sensation

Toronto – Women find greater sexual pleasure with some types of genital surgery while men have procedures to increase their penis length and girth to enhance their self-esteem, says a plastic surgeon based here.

"There is a reason why some women are not experiencing sexual pleasure," Dr. Robert Stubbs tells Cosmetic Surgery Times. "It's not just cosmetic and psychological. It is anatomical. Women often find that after they have had children, they no longer experience the same sensitivity and pleasure in sex. It is not a pathology per se that they have."

Less is more

Speaking here at the annual meeting of the Canadian Society for Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery on the topic of sex surgery, Robert Stubbs, M.D., a plastic surgeon certified in both Canada and the United States, described how he performs vaginal tightening as well as the "Toronto trim," a combination labiaplasty or labia trim and clitoral hood reduction designed to heighten sensation.

Reducing the size of the labia minora results in heightened sexual sensation in many women, he explains. Some women "just don't like how they look down there," Dr. Stubbs says. "Others have very large labia minora."

In addition, if the labia minora are oversized, some women cannot enjoy sex. This is because the flaps of skin that surround the clitoris and vaginal opening to form the lips of a woman's genitalia can block contact with the clitoris.

Dr. Stubbs notes that some of his patients are younger women who have naturally oversized labia minora. Others have not had children nor have had years of sexual activity. Dr. Stubbs does not perform vaginal tightening on women planning to have children.

Tightening technique

To perform vaginal tightening, Dr. Stubbs uses a similar technique as an episiotomy, as employed after childbirth.

Under local freezing and the use of a sedative, he sews up the lower vagina with more stitching. The vaginal opening becomes smaller and can improve a woman's satisfaction with the appearance of the vagina. Complications, while rare, can include scarring or loss of sensation.

Fat grafting phalloplasty

With more research on sexual sensitivity, it is now known that penis widening will result in greater pleasure for most men and their partners.

As a result, this is the most common procedure that Dr. Stubbs is performing on men. The procedure entails local freezing and the use of a sedative. Dr. Stubbs makes an incision where the penis connects to the pubic area. He uses extra skin from the penis and pubic area to close up the gap. He also uses lead weights so the modified phallus does not retract while it is healing.

"With increasing the girth, the penis becomes heavier and it stretches out more because it is an elastic type organ," Dr. Stubbs says. "The greater girth makes the female partner happy when they engage in sex."

Dr. Stubbs uses fat injection and fat grafting to thicken the penis. With fat injection, fat from one area of the body is extracted, frozen locally, and injected into the penis to thicken it. The technique is done in two treatments. Patients can return to work almost immediately, but must wait about six weeks before resuming sexual activity.

With fat grafting, pieces of fat and skin from one area of the body are used to widen the penis. Patients' recovery is about a week to 10 days, and they must refrain from engaging in sex for about six weeks.

Managing patient expectations

Dr. Stubbs excludes patients from his practice whom he deems to be high-risk or who have expectations that he cannot meet.

"Many patients have unrealistic expectations about the outcomes with these procedures, such as penis lengthening," he says, noting the penis cannot be lengthened by more than two inches.

If patients are not available for follow up, not able to rest sufficiently following the procedure, or are smokers, Dr. Stubbs excludes them as candidates for any of his genital enhancement procedures.

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