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Expression-guided facial rejuvenation

Article-Expression-guided facial rejuvenation

Aging can result in detrimental facial expression changes associated with downward outlines, or negative facial vectors. These simple combinations of negative facial outlines just like ‘emoticons’ reflect universally understood facial expression, according to plastic surgeon Christian Drehsen, M.D., medical director of Clinique of Plastic Surgery in St. Petersburg, Fla.  

“My study, which was published in The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery  demonstrates that facial rejuvenations inspired by the correction of detrimental facial expressions (my RefresherLift procedure) dramatically increases social popularity (the “Happy Emoticon Effect”),” Dr. Drehsen says.

Dr. Drehsen presented “The Life Changing Benefits of Expression Guided Facial Rejuvenation,” yesterday during the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology 2016 in Las Vegas.

Dr. Drehsen tells Cosmetic Surgery Times that this paradigm should help all practitioners involved in facial rejuvenation select and apply techniques from simple neuro modulators to fillers and surgical lift techniques, to positively improve facial vibrancy or dynamic, which he calls “facial fitness,” and reverse negative aging expressions.

“By inquiring about our patients’ deeper displeasure or frustrations regarding their perceived appearance and character, their proposed corrective plan of treatment will be better understood and accepted,” he says. “My RefresherLift approach effectively reverses negative facial vectors and their perceived negative expressions by the combination of my Dual Plane Brow Lift (affecting the eye expression), selective fat micro grafting (to restore youthful volumes) and the RefresherLift, a vertical facelift extremely effective in restoring the descended and delaminated cheek pads.”

These guided restorations safely and consistently help patients restore their self-confidence and popularity, help reverse discrimination related to aging appearance and improve wellbeing, according to the plastic surgeon. 

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