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Dynamic movement 4D video: Before and after gynecomastia treatment

Article-Dynamic movement 4D video: Before and after gynecomastia treatment

Jason Emer, M.D., a board certified and fellowship-trained general, cosmetic and procedural dermatologist in Beverly Hills, Calif., suggests that using dynamic movement (4D) photography and/or video is extremely beneficial for communicating with his patients who undergo high-definition body contouring (e.g., abdominal sculpting, gynecomastia surgery, arm defining) treatments where small improvements can provide sizable changes in contour and shadowing. "It is also beneficial in those patients with lipedema who require substantial volume reduction and see a dramatic improvement in functional movement and swelling," he tells Cosmetic Surgery Times. To illustrate his point, Dr. Emer provides the following 4D before and afters of a 34-year-old male patient who underwent high definition lipocontouring with surgical gland removal for gynecomastia treatment to address chest fullness and increased nipple size. 

Pre operatively (above), note the fullness of the anterior chest and nipple complex with glandular tissue evident on dynamic and static movements. Laser lipolysis (smartlipo) with power assisted aspiration (microaire) of fat was performed on the chest and chest wall with breast gland removal through a sub areolar incisional approach.

 At three weeks post operatively (above) there is significant improvement in chest definition and reduction in nipple projection and fullness with little change to the areola as seen in both dynamic and static movements.  Final improvement will be seen in 6 to 12 months.

Video credit: Jason Emer, M.D.

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