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All eyes on abs in the UK

Article-All eyes on abs in the UK is calling abdominoplasty “the standout treatment of 2015.” That’s based on new research reported this month by the healthcare website that reveals the most popular UK cosmetic treatments for 2015. The data is based on actual consumer inquiries from December 2014 to December 2015 for cosmetic procedures made by email to UK clinics listed on This is what they found:

The healthcare search engine reports a 351% increase in inquiries for full abdominoplasty in the past year. That’s despite the high procedure cost, which averages £5,491 in the UK, according to the site.

Breast augmentation with implants remained the most popular procedure for the second year in a row with inquiries up 183% since 2014. And while breast augmentation demand shows no signs of slowing, breast reduction proved to be the fourth fastest growing trend for 2015, with a 212% increase in inquiries during the last year.  

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Other trending inquires for surgical procedures include arm lift surgery (up 252% since last year). In the U.K, surgeons charge an average £4,290 for the procedure.

Last year’s second most popular procedure, liposuction, rose in inquiries by 167% in the past year. Labiaplasty inquiries rose 134% in the past year; facelift inquiries by 162%, according to

“The cosmetic surgery and medical aesthetic industries continue to thrive and 2015 saw a massive increase in inquiries for procedures in the UK. On the surgical side of the market, abdominoplasty is the stand out treatment of 2015,” Director Emily Ross says in a press release.

Among nonsurgical treatment trends, the thread lift came in as the fastest growing treatment, with inquiries increasing 470% compared to 2014. Chin augmentation, a list newcomer, came in at second on the top trends list with a 156% increase in inquiries. Platelet rich plasma filler inqueries rose by 152% in the UK in the last year, and is distinguished as the third fastest growing nonsurgical procedure in the UK.

Interestingly, in the UK, there was a price drop of 10% compared to 2014 on dermal fillers, the most popular procedure for two consecutive years. The average current cost of dermal fillers is £252, according to Tattoo removal inquiries went up by 73% since last year, taking fourth place on the UK popularity list.

About allows consumers to compare and review clinics around the world with online booking and independent price checks. The healthcare website has listings for more than 120,000 private healthcare clinics in 135 countries worldwide.

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