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Advancements in aesthetic tech

Article-Advancements in aesthetic tech

Advanced treatments for hair removal, acne scars, fat reduction and the appearance of cellulite by Syneron Candela were on display in March at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) in Orlando, Fla.

The solid-state laser system GentleTouch recently added CE mark approval, following FDA clearance. According to the company, it is the first and only device to combine two energy sources — Alexandrite and radiofrequency (RF) — to remove hair safely.

The system also includes EverCool, a contact-cooling method that is approved for hair removal on all skin types.

For acne scars, the PicoWay laser has received FDA clearance to treat Fitzpatrick Skin Types II-V with its Resolve holographic 1064 nm wavelength handpiece.

Acne scars are targeted with high peak power and short pulses.

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The company’s newest addition to its body contouring portfolio is the UltraShape Power, which uses pulsed, focused ultrasound.

Compared to the previous version of UltraShape, this latest version achieves a 20% increase in ultrasound power delivered to tissue, with an average treatment time of 30 minutes for a normal abdomen.

For the FDA clinical trial, there was more than a 30% reduction in fat thickness after only three treatment sessions.

Finally, Profound, a minimally invasive, fractional RF microneedling device, was recently FDA cleared to improve the appearance of cellulite.

The 75o SubQ handpiece and cartridge are for Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-III.

There is also a 25o dermal handpiece and cartridge for percutaneously treating facial wrinkles.

Philippe Schaison, CEO of Syneron Candela, North America, says in a press release that recent advancements in these four product lines demonstrate the company’s “dedication to finding innovative solutions for a variety of patients’ aesthetic needs.”

Furthermore, on April 3, London-based Apax Partners, a leading global private equity advisory firm, publicly announced it was acquiring Syneron Candela.

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