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5 Ways to help your staff make the sale

Article-5 Ways to help your staff make the sale

Contributing author: Thomas Funcik, M.D.

About four years ago I learned I was embezzled for literally millions of dollars and in debt to unpaid vendors and the IRS. Since then I’ve learned to mind my business as well as my clinical responsibilities thanks to the expert guidance from the practice management experts at Yellow Telescope. The first year my staff and I attended their annual seminar, we learned that none of us had the slightest idea how to “sell” surgery. In fact, we were doing almost everything wrong. We were offering discounts, afraid to increase our fees, not following up properly on prospects and not communicating our prowess effectively to patients.

Since we were able to attend the seminar again this year with two new staff members, Sydney and Emily, the editor of Cosmetic Surgery Times invited me to share some of their takeaways with you. Here they are:

1. Understand What Makes the Best Sales Pitch

Sydney Guyon, CST"Being confident and knowledgeable is the best sales pitch you can have. Being armed with information about your doctor and his accomplishments and procedures is what is going to set you apart from everyone else. You want to be approachable and kind when it comes to bringing on a new patient, and building a relationship with them."

NEXT: 2. Know Your Doctor


2. Know Your Doctor

"Be more knowledgeable of your doctor’s past accomplishments along with his/her recent successes."


NEXT: 3. Own the Phone Call


3. Own the Phone Call

Emily Diedrich, RN"Take control of a phone call using the gather-give-get method. Offer pricing up front to weed out anyone who isn’t able to afford the surgery."

NEXT: 4. Earn Patient Trust


4. Earn Patient Trust

"By using a patient coordinator every step of the way, the patient has someone they can trust."


NEXT: 5. Use the ‘Stump Speech’


5. Use the ‘Stump Speech’

"I learned the importance of using the 'stump speech' for all consults. I would talk up my doctor by saying how great he was and the great outcomes he has. When I really needed to back it up with 'he's double board certified, he has performed 10,000 surgeries, etc.'" ~Emily

Dr. Funcik

Thomas Funcik, M.D. is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in private practice in Mount Pleasant, S.C. 

Click here for more information on Yellow Telescope's annual training seminar.

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