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Custom line smooths compliance wrinkles On-site mix tailors to patients, cuts inventory

Article-Custom line smooths compliance wrinkles On-site mix tailors to patients, cuts inventory

Agents are added on site to customize products to patient skincare needs.
St. Louis, Mo. — Plastic surgeon Herluf G. Lund, M.D., offers several skincare treatment product lines at St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery and Enhance Medical Spa, but one novel product line is a stand out, he says.

"PRESCRIBEDsolutions is our principal skincare line because it's customizable, convenient and it cuts down on compliance concerns," Dr. Lund says. "A skincare product is only as good as the patient's commitment to consistent use. If the ritual is too complex, the product will go unused or be used incorrectly, and we can all guess what the results will be," he tells Cosmetic Surgery Times.

Several base products comprise the foundation of the skincare line offered by PRESCRIBEDsolutions, and "boosters" are added right in the physician's office to address specific skin problems. A brightening booster, anti-scarring booster and menopause-control booster are among the additives available to mix into the base products in response to a patient diagnosis.

"A lot of product lines are too complex with respect to when they have to be applied, so patients don't get the full benefit. In other cases, there are people using three different product lines that are perhaps not pH balanced so the products neutralize each other. We wanted to simplify, to customize down to fewer products. Now the patient only needs three or four products in the morning and at night to achieve the desired result, and with this line that's easily attainable," Dr. Lund says.

Targeted, tailored

PRESCRIBEDsolutions COO, Aurelian Lis, says it's the "multitasking" nature of these products that enable the use of fewer of them.

"By having an expert target the products directly to them, the patients get the solution they are looking for whether its rosacea control, fine lines or acne. Furthermore, the multitasking products allow really simple patient regimens," he says.

In Dr. Lund's practice, the aesthetician reevaluates the patient's skin and product regimen at each office visit and makes new recommendations based on changes in the skin, environment or any other factors.

"If the product is working, the patient should need their regimen adjusted," Dr. Lund says. "With other skincare lines, a patient could use the same product for years. Their skin is changing simply by virtue of the fact that they are aging. So why would the same product be appropriate year after year?" he asks.

Win win

Dr. Lund points out that PRESCRIBEDsolutions is equally advantageous for the practice and the patient.

"Patients are very pleased with the individualized attention that they get with this line, and they identify that good will with the practice. They see how well-cared-for they are and it's not much of a leap for them to imagine similar positive treatment when they're choosing someone to do their facelift," he says.

Mr. Lis describes other benefits, as well. For instance, inventory remains low because of the nature of the product line.

"Customization allows physicians to offer patients results free of the financial and space constraints that would otherwise prevent them from doing so. The range can stay small, and patients still get exactly what they need," he explains."

Another benefit of customization and the fact that these products rely on physicians' expertise is that these products are not available in retail outlets or on the Internet," he notes.

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