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ASPS study notes highly positive results of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction

Article-ASPS study notes highly positive results of post-mastectomy breast reconstruction

Arlington Heights, Ill. — According to a study published in the July issue of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, women who have breast reconstruction after an elective mastectomy are satisfied with their decision, have low complication rates — and 98 percent would do it again, reports Medical News Today.

In addition, says the study, breast reconstruction after preventive mastectomy is as safe — or safer — than reconstruction in women with breast cancer, and has excellent results cosmetically.

Medical News Today quotes study co-author Scott Spear, M.D., as saying, “This study shows that women with cancer in one breast who choose to have their other breast removed as a preventive measure are happy with their decision, and a high percentage would do it again.

“More remarkable is the 100 percent satisfaction level, as well as the 100 percent willingness to have breast reconstruction again, for the women who chose to have both breasts removed,” adds Dr. Spear, a past president of the Arlington Heights-based ASPS.

The study examined 74 women who had preventive mastectomies and subsequent breast reconstruction between 2000 and 2005. Forty-seven of the women had breast cancer in one breast and elected to undergo unilateral prophylactic mastectomy. Twenty-seven did not have breast cancer, but chose to undergo bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. The study found that women who had a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy were 100 percent satisfied with their breast reconstruction and 100 percent of them would have the surgery again. Ninety-four percent of women who had unilateral prophylactic mastectomy were satisfied with their reconstruction and 96 percent of them would have reconstruction again.

According to the study, the complication rate 3 percent in the women who had bilateral prophylactic mastectomy and 10 percent for those who underwent the unilateral procedure.

Additionally, the study notes that the cosmetic-assessment score — done by 14 surgeons who consulted post-reconstruction photos and evaluated the results — was 3 on a scale of 1 to 4 (4 being “excellent”).

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