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Ask The Doctors-Dark Circles

Article-Ask The Doctors-Dark Circles

What are my options for dealing with bags and dark circles?

Dr. Niamtu:

> As we age, the tissues inside the eyelid become weak and allow the fat that normally protects and cushions the eyeball to protrude under the skin. This causes the fat bulges that you see, which cast a shadow (especially in overhead light) under the eyes that look like dark circles. In addition, most patients in your age group (50s) also have aging lower eyelid skin that is crinkly and adds to the condition.

Depending upon your specific condition, a lower eyelid blepharoplasty may be the answer. In this procedure, the surgeon reduces or repositions the fat to lessen the bulges. This can be done with an incision under the eyelash or from the inside of the lower lid with a hidden scar. The excess and wrinkled skin can be addressed by either removing some skin or using lasers or chemical peels to shrink the skin, so no incision is necessary. Laser or chemical peel will also assist in removing pigmented skin in this region that may be contributing to the dark circles. The lower blepharoplasty procedure takes about 40 minutes and requires about a week for recovery.
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