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Ask the doctor: cheek augmentation with implants or fillers?

Article-Ask the doctor: cheek augmentation with implants or fillers?

I'm considering cheek augmentation with either implants or fillers, and wonder, is one better than the other?Dr. Niamtu: Midfacial rejuvenation is one of the most commonly overlooked areas in cosmetic facial rejuvenation. Contemporary cosmetic practitioners offer numerous options to make the midface appear more youthful. Cheek implants and injectable fillers are two popular options for midfacial augmentation, and both have pluses and minuses. Injectable fillers are quick, easy, nonsurgical and without significant recovery. They can give the patient an immediate result and can be a "trial" for more permanent options. The downside with fillers is their temporary nature, the requirement for an experienced injector and the cost compared to more permanent methods. Cheek implants have the advantage of being permanent, available in many sizes and shapes, requiring conservative surgery and recovery, and are completely reversible should the patient desire. Both of these techniques have a place in contemporary cosmetic facial surgery, and are a compromise between the experience of the surgeon and the desire of the patient. If the patient is conservative and anxious about a surgical option, then filler treatment would be a good alternative. For those patients committed to a permanent surgical option, cheek implants represent a safe, predictable, affordable and reversible plan to rejuvenate the midface.

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