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Ask the Doctor: Botox vs. Something Permanent

Article-Ask the Doctor: Botox vs. Something Permanent

Q: Isn't it better to do something permanent versus Botox?a: While permanent is nice, I have many patients who have undergone eyelid procedures and still come to the office like clockwork for Botox. While a nip and tuck here and there can help in many people (especially for eyelids that are drooping), Botox has a unique effect and improves crow's feet as well as the shape of the eye. Additionally, it doesn't carry the risks that surgery can have. The main risks of Botox are headache, temporary drooping of the eyelid (rare) and bruising. The nicest thing is that it is temporary, so if you don't like the results, it will go back to "normal" after about three or four months.

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