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Microneedling for asian skin types

Article-Microneedling for asian skin types


DermapenWorld (Sydney, Australia) is setting a new benchmark in microneedling technology with the recent release of Dermapen™ 4. Featuring an advanced 16-needle cartridge design for drag-free penetration with regulated suction release, Dermapen’s 33-gauge stainless steel gamma sterilized needles create 1,920 puncture channels per second.

In addition, the upgraded Dermapen 4 features a patented radiofrequency identification (RFID) system for accurate needle penetration, and Advanced Oscillating Vertical Needle (AOVN™) technology, which mechanically calibrates motor speed, pressure and penetration for scar treatment at 3.0 mm.

“This version is faster than the previous device, has more needles and does even more micro-perforations per time frame,” said Danijela Schenker, an intensive care nurse and microneedling specialist at the Frisch Institute of Skin and Figure (Zurich, Switzerland). “This means shorter treatment times and more comfort for the client.”

“The superior AOVN technology allows me to deliver a smooth, drag-free procedure and optimal results,” stated Ratna Tallo, M.D., a dermatologist in Kupang, Indonesia.

“Dermapen can be one of the most affordable, yet effective solutions to address fine lines and wrinkles, atrophied and sun damaged skin, multiple forms of scarring, and stretch marks,” Dr. Tallo noted. “It has also been used to enhance the results of various applications targeting alopecia, keloid scarring and vitiligo, among others. Dermapen is more versatile, as it enables us to more easily treat hard-to-reach areas, such as around the eyes and nose.”

According to Melanie Lambrechts, M.D., an aesthetic practitioner and owner of The Center of Wellness in Johannesburg, South Africa, “The microneedling trend is huge, and this device treats so many more indications.”

Practical for Asian Skin Types

The device works well on Asian skin and darker skin types, Dr. Lambrechts reported.

“We have a growing population of clientele with darker skin types and my laser does not treat darker skin types very well,” she elaborated. “One of the benefits of medical microneedling in general is that it is ideal for patients that are sensitive to the heat and thermal impact of other energy-based treatments.”

In addition, Asian and darker skin types are very prone to pigmentation, stated Dr. Lambrechts. “They are vulnerable to the sun or light-induced pigmentation and seem to have a lot of hormonal pigmentation, as well. If you traumatize their skin too much in any way, you can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Dermapen is safe on these patients but they require a lot more care.”

Extra care includes a series of treatments, starting with skin preparation, Dr. Lambrechts indicated. “We prepare the skin around one month prior to the actual treatment, utilizing specific topical products that calm the skin, in a way tranquilizing the melanocytes,” she shared. “We employ very careful after care, as well.”

Enhanced Functionality Improves Efficiency

The new Dermapen 4 offers an onboard real-time display, as well as integrated Bluetooth connectivity, allowing practitioners to wirelessly update the system’s calibration tables and firmware, which can be continually upgraded.

Additionally, the system now incorporates a rechargeable battery, in addition to the standard power cord. The versatility of having both corded and battery power is highly desirable, Dr. Lambrechts expressed.

“Unfortunately, in many parts of the world there are power outages, so having battery power means a lot,” she explained. “As the battery runs down with other portable pens, the treatments become uneven and you’ll get dragging of the skin. However, the battery technology behind this new pen ensures it will maintain its charge right up to the moment you switch it off.”

Along with these technical enhancements, Dermapen 4’s handheld ergonomics are a major advancement over earlier versions.

Dermapen offers more aggressive skin remodeling treatments, as well as deeper rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Tallo shared. “It has the functionality of a fractional microneedle skin therapy system and is very lightweight, which really helps my hand’s movement during procedures and saves time, as well.”

Versatile Applications

Traditional microneedling treatment modalities address scars, and this is where Dermapen 4 really shines, offering dedicated treatment practices for scar revision, including deep, atrophic scars, striae and post-acne scars. Beyond scar procedures, Dermapen 4 can be customized to expand the number of indications that can be treated compared to its earlier versions and other microneedling devices on the market.

Users have also found that the system works synergistically with various modalities such as energy-based systems and other therapies.

The company’s separate Dermapen Tattoo Activator Infusion Device and new Tattoo needle cartridge allow for non-laser, all color tattoo removal that can be used alone or combined with standard laser-based techniques to achieve full tattoo clearance.

In addition, Dermapen 4 also infuses PRP, mesotherapy and other serums utilizing the company’s new Meso-Infuse needle cartridge, which promotes pinpoint delivery and precision.

Responding to Contamination Concerns

When it comes to microneedling, an important concern is needle sterility. Dermapen 4’s gamma-sterilized cartridge and needles include retention valves that alleviate the build-up of procedural pressure within the needle cartridge.

Furthermore, a built-in anti-contamination management system removes the risk of cross-contamination while confirming pressure-free contact with the skin during treatment.

A lot of pens out there don’t have that level of attention to patient safety, Dr. Lambrechts pointed out. “There are bodily fluids associated with this device. Often, your endpoint is to try to draw blood from the patient’s skin. Dermapen 4’s technology guarantees no back flow of patient’s fluid into the pen, to maintain treatment safety.”

Overall, Dermapen is advancing microneedling therapy in innovative ways.

Whether practitioners use Dermapen as a standalone procedure or in combination with other modalities, “patient satisfaction is high with Dermapen, Ms. Schenker maintained. “Patients love microneedling. It is minimally invasive, safe and quick, delivering beautifully natural and lasting results with no downtime.”

In addition, “Dermapen helps me produce subtle to markedly improved results, which meets both our patients’ expectations and mine as the practitioner. Managing patient expectations is as important as choosing the most suitable treatment option possible,” Dr. Tallo noted.

“The global market of microneedling devices is driven by the increasing incidence of chronic hyperpigmentation, infectious skin diseases, etc.,” expressed Dr. Tallo. “Changes in lifestyle will increase the incidence of skin related diseases, which will ultimately enhance the growth of the global microneedling market. The high cost of other surgical options may also expand market growth, propositionally.”