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The Aesthetic Show 2020 introduces new interactive and immersive program

Article-The Aesthetic Show 2020 introduces new interactive and immersive program

The Aesthetic Show 2020 introduces new interactive and immersive program

The summer of 2020 promises to be an exciting time for the aesthetic industry as dermatologists, surgeons and other aesthetic providers from around the world gather in Las Vegas for the foremost multispecialty conference: The Aesthetic Show (TAS).

Now in its 15th year, TAS has been established as one of the most important and influential events dedicated to the rapidly-expanding field of aesthetic medicine. Unique in offering a true multidisciplinary approach, TAS unites contemporaries across various medical disciplines looking to learn trailblazing techniques and discover the groundbreaking solutions redefining the current and future trends in medical aesthetics.

Known for originating the idea of edutainment within aesthetic medicine, TAS is maintaining its reputation for creative learning experiences by offering the most interactive and immersive educational program seen at any aesthetic conference yet.

More than 100 expert educators will address traditional to revolutionary topics in innovative and intimate ways, including best and safe practices; surgical procedures and minimally invasive treatments; combination approaches; genital rejuvenation; hair restoration; body contouring and skin tightening; regenerative aesthetics; thread lifting and injectables. Faculty will tackle management of surgical and nonsurgical complications, as well as optimal uses for today’s energy-based devices.

TAS will kick off on Thursday, with a full day dedicated to educational sessions covering injectables, minimally invasive facial rejuvenation with live training and practice management.

The Certified Aesthetic Consultant Program

This practice management certification program is for those looking to master the business of medical aesthetics. Participants receive certification upon completion of the course and exam. New for 2020, organizers have revamped this program to include more interactive training excercises like “Call My Practice,” where one practice will be mystery shopped live in front of the class; consultation role-playing; team-building excercises; and roundtable discussions of the pressing issues aesthetic practices are experiencing daily.

Foundations of Facial Injectables

This course focuses on the fundamentals of injecting and injectable products. The course curriculum covers the basic science of neurotoxins and dermal filers, safe injection techniques, proper facial evaluation and anatomy, safety protocols and more. Offering hands- on training on mannequin heads, this course can benefit anyone working in an aesthetic practice – from support staff to skilled injectors.

Facial Rejuvenation Masterclass

In this new, two-part training course, expert trainers offer an in-depth learning experience, demonstrating their techniques and methods for achieving optimal results on live patients. Part 1 covers thread lifting and Part 2 focuses on facial injectables. And, to ensure a high-quality and more intimate learning environment, this course will be offered a second time on Saturday.

Within the main program taking place Friday-Sunday, highlights include:

The X-Factor: Mastering Video Performance to Enhance Your Presence & Your Practice

This skills building experience will take place on Friday, July 10 and will address all concerns associated with video creation and using video to become better known and more influential locally, nationally and internationally. Taught by Mark Tager, MD of ChangeWell and Leslie Marcus, a three time Emmy-nominated television producer, this session will feature extensive role playing, interactive exercises and even a mock interview.

Insta-Fame: How to Predictably Drive Millions of Views Without Spending $1 on Ads!

Also on Friday, viral expert Jon Jacques will reveal the secrets to increasing social media viewership and follower counts while avoiding the high costs for ads. This course promises to leave you entertained and educated on enhancing your credibility on social media, driving millions of organic views without advertising, streamlining the content creation process and monetizing your viewers for additional revenue.

Sales Strategies Live Interactive Training

Attendees can end on a high note by making sure to stay for a comprehensive and immersive session dedicated to one of the biggest struggles in any practice – the art of “selling.” On Sunday, July 12, two of the industry’s foremost practice management consultants – Terri Ross and Chris Stock – will be teaching a highly interactive, experiential and engaging sales training workshop that you don’t want to miss!

Wake Up with Shino Bay

And finally, Wake Up with Shino is probably the most highly-anticipated special event at TAS 2020. All attendees are welcome to grab a cup of tea and settle in for a morning of wisdom, relaxation and enlightenment with the incomparable Shino Bay Aguilera, DO. As a true artist of natural rejuvenation, Dr. Aguilera will share some of his daily rituals of spiritualness and affirmations, while leading guided meditation, yoga and breathing excercises.

TAS’s Scientific Advisory Board com- prises both established and up-and- coming practitioners from a variety of specialties, including Russell Bartels, MD, FACOG; Gregory Chernoff, MD, FRCS; Cameron Chesnut, MD, FAAD; Suneel Chilukuri, MD, FAAD; Erez Dayan, MD; Lara Devgan, MD, FACS; Kimberly Evans, MD, FACOG; Michael Gold, MD; Richard Goldfarb, MD, FACS; Nasir Mohammedi, MD, FAAFP; Joseph Niamtu, III, DMD; Anil Rajani, MD; Lori Robertson, MSN, FNP-C; Jay Shorr, BA; Christian Subbio, MD; Ryan Welter, MD, PhD; and Edward M. Zimmerman, MD. This multidisciplinary group ensures the true cross-collaborative environment that TAS has become best known for.

For Dr. Chilukuri, a cosmetic and dermatologic surgeon in Houston, Texas, this meeting stands out because so many of the speakers think outside the box.

“They are advanced thinkers. It is not just about the technology, but also how to incorporate that technology into a full running practice,” he pointed out. “Rather than presenting theories, the faculty share practical pearls on how to combine devices and treatments to obtain great results for your patients.”

There is a lot going on that is driving change in the medical aesthetic space and meetings like The Aesthetic Show keep us at the cutting edge, Dr. Chilukuri said.

“Aesthetic medicine has evolved in important ways in recent years and professional meetings help aesthetic providers like me stay abreast,” he continued. For example, Dr. Chilukuri specifically noted how HIFEM has created a whole new market in the arena of muscle stimulation. And how aesthetic providers are ideally positioned to treat and manage these patients.

“Now we’re seeing other manufacturers getting into this new market,” Dr. Chilukuri noted. “This market is growing by double digits.”

Regenerative medicine, one of TAS’s hottest topics, is also trending, according to Dr. Chilukuri. “Between aesthetics and regenerative medicine, we are going to be able to offer our patients so much more,” he said.

“Among the leading aspects of regenerative medicine are the technological advances for hair loss, hair retention and hair growth,” he stated.

Ms. Robertson, clinical director of Skin Perfect in Brea, Calif., said TAS is one of her favorite conferences of the year because there are so many subjects and so many breakout sessions. “I can choose anything I want to learn and it is going to be there,” she expressed.

The Aesthetic Show attracts top faculty, from plastic surgeons and dermatologists to nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

“I look forward to The Aesthetic Show every year because I know that besides being faculty and speaking, I’ll get to hear and see a lot of presentations that will help me be a better provider. When we learn new information on anatomy, facial volume, bone loss and adverse events related to some of the dermal fillers, it helps all of us stay aware of what’s going on outside our own clinics.”

For example, Ms. Robertson says if she hears from one of her colleagues at TAS that a product has a lot of adverse reactions, she’ll steer clear of that product. Or, if she hears about another assessment tool to make treatments safer for patients, she might incorporate that.

“A lot of people bring up their own little pearls that they use in their clinics and those can be valuable,” she noted. “As practitioners, our goal is to make sure our patients are safe and have really good outcomes. That is why we do what we do, and why every single provider is going to conferences like this. We want to be better. We want to be safer injectors. We want patients to be happy and safe.

“At The Aesthetic Show we have faculty who are really on the cutting edge of medical aesthetics and surgery. It makes for an amazing conference,” she added.

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