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Women in Aesthetics

Women in Aesthetics: Mara Shorr – From Working in Practice to Guiding Best Practices

Article-Women in Aesthetics: Mara Shorr – From Working in Practice to Guiding Best Practices

Mara Shorr
Mara Shorr never dreamed she would end up where she is: at the center of the medical aesthetic community as an award-winning practice management consultant guiding the industry on best practices on the business side of medicine.

Mara Shorr never dreamed she would end up where she is: at the center of the medical aesthetic community as an award-winning practice management consultant guiding the industry on best practices on the business side of medicine.

Together with her father (and business partner), Jay Shorr, Mara runs Shorr Solutions, a leading medical aesthetic practice management consulting company based in Florida. “I never thought that I would partner with my father in business,” she admitted. “My career started in the non-profit world, after all. But, I tell people every day that it is the smartest move I have ever made in business. We are alike where we need to be alike – completely aligned on providing high quality services to our clients – but we are different where we need to be different and can provide both our clients, and our own business, with diverse perspectives through our different views, backgrounds and passions.”

Mara brings more than a decade of marketing and communications experience to Shorr Solutions’ clients, helping them strengthen their operational, financial and administrative health.

Mara lecturing on running a successful practice at The Aesthetic Show 2019 conference.Medical and Marketing Roots

Before joining Shorr Solutions in 2012, Mara founded and ran The Leone Company, a marketing and PR firm based in Orlando, Fla., in her mid-20s. Her skills and client roster helped grow Shorr Solutions to one with national recognition and accolades, becoming an industry staple on both the media and conference circuit, and making Shorr Solutions a name beloved in the industry.

And that’s not all, Mara also earned her medical marketing stripes having previously worked for two cosmetic and plastic surgery practices in South Florida, utilizing her knowledge and skills to help implement traditional and new media strategies, and provide her with a foundation of experience she now gives to clients nationally.

Notable Accomplishments

As a seasoned expert in marketing strategy, HR and staff administration, Mara has served on the faculty for conferences and meetings nationwide, holding stage at the American Society of Plastic Surgery, the International Master Course on Aging Science, Vegas Cosmetic Surgery, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Society of Cosmetic Physicians, The Aesthetic Show and more.

“I’ve always had a passion for sharing knowledge,” Mara explained. “Being able to teach on so many conference faculties is such as a dream come true. I love knowing that by sharing my knowledge I can help others grow THEIR dreams.”

Mara also led Shorr Solutions to win the 2019 and 2021 Best Practice Management Company award and the 2018 TAG! You’re It! Non-Physician Practice Management Innovator award from The Aesthetic Guide. She is also proud to have consecutively won the 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 Aesthetic Everything Award in both the Top Executive and Top Aesthetic Provider categories, and is honored to have been a 2019 Orlando Neon Swan Award winner, a nominee for the Orlando Business Journal’s 2013 “40 Under 40,” and the 2013 Distinguished Young Alumni award winner from Central Michigan University.

Not only has Mara launched and developed a strong following with her podcast, aptly named Shorr Solutions: The Podcast, she is also very grateful to be an editorial board member for DERMASCOPE Magazine, and to write for a number of industry publications, including The Aesthetic Guide, ASOCP Connect, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa, Modern Aesthetics, Florida Health Industry, Winter Park-Maitland Observer and Orange Appeal magazine. As an avid writer, Mara has delighted in not only helping clients, but also non-clients around the country (and the world), improve their businesses and realize their dreams by taking their practices to new heights.

 Mara helping a pregnant foster dog give birth to seven puppies.Giving Back

In a time unlike any other, Mara’s motto has become “do the next right thing.” She has a passion for advocacy, both fostering dogs for several Central Florida animal rescues and as a certified volunteer advocate for children through the Guardian Ad Litem program within the Orange County Bar Association’s Legal Aid Society. “Everyone deserves a voice,” she said. 

So, whether it is sharing extra produce from her garden with neighbors in need, regularly donating blood, helping young women breaking into the industry, or monetary donations to her favorite non-profits, her passion for giving back is strong.

Particularly, Mara has been a guest speaker at the Zebra Coalition, an organization assisting young individuals in Orlando’s LGBTQ+ community facing homelessness, bullying and isolation from their families, as well as physical, sexual and drug abuse.

During the holiday season, Shorr Solutions gives back to charities of their team mem- bers’ choice. It is one of Mara and Jay’s favorite ways of giving back and building team bonding, as the team members choose which non-profit they would like to help. Together, donations have been provided to charities such as the Boys and Girls Club in Orlando, the Charity: Water, Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association and more.

Good to Know
Fast Facts about Mara Shorr

Q: What’s your favorite quote?

“Leave the community better than you found it.” My stepfather has always instilled this in us. I used to think it only meant your geographical community, but I take it to mean the aesthetic community as well. Everything I do, every piece of knowledge I share, is to make the community just a bit better.

Q: What’s the most courageous thing you have ever done?

Being able to hold the hands of several family members when they passed away. It may be morbid to some, but it is the greatest honor of my life.

Q: What accomplishment are you most proud of? Internally, growing Shorr Solutions!

We have an amazing team of both seasoned professionals and up-and-comers. We work hard to foster teamwork, and I couldn’t do what I do without each member of my amazing team! COVID-19 hit our industry hard. We’ve taken this year to give back as a company as best we can to help our clients survive and stay strong. Personally, that I’ve been able to turn strong personal hardships within our family into the power to help others.

Q: Who is/was your professional role model? Or who is the person you most admire?

Easy answer on this: my father (and business partner), Jay Shorr! I came into this industry more than a decade ago, and he taught me so much about the industry and about running a business. His strength in negotiation skills is untouchable!

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