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Venus Bliss MAX: Full-Service Body Sculpting with Three Technologies in One Device

Sponsored by Venus Concept; Imagine having the ability to meet all the demands of body sculpting including fat lipolysis, muscle stimulation and skin tightening in one, space-efficient device.

Sponsored by Venus Concept

Imagine having the ability to meet all the demands of body sculpting including fat lipolysis, muscle stimulation and skin tightening in one, space-efficient device. The Venus Bliss MAX from Venus Concept (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) does exactly this by merging three innovative technologies into one unique platform for the exclusive TriBody program experience. Venus Bliss MAX provides a full range of body contouring treatments that can be combined or used independently to meet a wide range of patient demands and help them achieve their ideal aesthetic silhouette.

Sean Kelishadi MDSean Kelishadi, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon and president of SSK Plastic Surgery (Newport Beach, Calif.), confirmed that nonsurgical body sculpting procedures have grown tremendously, which is why he incorporates Venus Bliss MAX into his practice. “Even though I am a plastic surgeon, I know it is very important to provide non-invasive treatments in today’s world,” he explained. “Not everyone has time for, or wants, surgery, and some people are not healthy enough for surgery. This device is three technologies in one, with lipolysis to decrease fat and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to build muscle, as well as radiofrequency (RF) and pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) to tighten skin and cellulite and help build the best non-surgical body you can. The Bliss MAX is unique because it is the only system that has it all.”

Fat Lipolysis

According to Dr. Kelishadi, each 1064 nm laser applicator has a 36 cm spot size with uniform energy distribution to avoid hot spots. “The 1064 nm diode laser goes deep down into the adipose tissue, where the energy is absorbed and fat cells are heated, triggering apoptotic processes. The fat cells and other cellular debris are then removed by the lymphatic system,” he noted. “The device heats fat cells to between 42° C and 46° C, which is what we need to melt the fat. The cooling tips of the applicators cool the skin to 14° C, so the patient is comfortable during treatment, which is very important.”

Electrical Muscle Stimulation with FlexMAX

The FlexMAX EMS Smart Trainer System consists of warm-up, contraction and relaxation. According to Dr. Kelishadi, it improves the tone and definition of muscles and can improve athletic performance. Varying levels of contraction can be used based on the patient’s fitness level, goals and tolerance. “This has been a very popular treatment in my office. There are a lot of devices out there that build muscle, but the FlexMAX uses EMS instead of magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS), which is more targeted for deeper muscle contraction, and can induce up to 100,000 controlled venus bliss maxcontractions,” Dr. Kelishadi added. And, according to the manufacturer, EMS is also harmless for surrounding tissue in comparison to MMS.

Skin Tightening

Venus Bliss MAX takes advantage of RF to heat the skin to 45° C, and PEMF therapy with advanced VariPulse technology to support and tighten the skin. Dr. Kelishadi explained that the VariPulse applicator includes suction to help RF energy penetrate deep into the skin. “The combination of RF and PEMF stimulates growth factors to strengthen the tissue, speed healing time and increase collagen and elastin production. I can provide medical grade lymphatic drainage at the very same time,” he pointed out.

The Venus Bliss MAX is a device that will certainly allow physicians to offer high-demand services with one convenient device. In Dr. Kelishadi’s experience, the device can help aesthetic practices expand as they increase patient satisfaction. “Patients come back based on the way you make them feel, and when you hear their concerns and give them an effective treatment, you are going to have a very productive practice,” he concluded.

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