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UltraShape Power and VelaShape III remain standard for body contouring

Article-UltraShape Power and VelaShape III remain standard for body contouring


Delivering pulsed, focused ultrasound to cause fat cell destruction for long-lasting visible circumference reduction, non-thermal UltraShape Power from Syneron-Candela (Irvine, California, U.S.) is the only device of its kind that can be adjusted to treat all over the body, without pain or downtime. Together with the complementary non-invasive shaping and tightening of VelaShape III, physicians have a powerful armamentarium to achieve exceptional non-invasive body shaping results.

“The advantage with UltraShape Power is selectivity,” explained dermatologist Renita Rajan, M.D., medical director of Render Skin & Hair Clinic (Tamilnadu, India).

“By targeting the fatty tissue in this way there is no undesirable collateral effect on nearby tissue structures, which is why there is no downtime or pain, making it very comfortable and convenient for patients.”

Dr. Rajan sees UltraShape Power as a wellness treatment and part of a holistic approach including lifestyle changes. “Improved diet and exercise habits will enhance any body contouring result and maximize its longevity,” she explained.

While in many situations patients will undergo three treatments with UltraShape Power, some may opt for more depending on the quantity of fat they need reduced, Dr. Rajan pointed out. “The interval between sessions is a minimum of two weeks, but this is not the maximum,” she advised.

“Each individual protocol is designed around the patient, the body area and amount of adiposity. Areas such as the arms may need a longer interval for correction of gravitational sagging,” Dr. Rajan continued. “The device is easy to adapt to different patients and is extremely effective, but we need to be aware that this technology does not address skin laxity, so we must be prepared to treat that as well.”

VelaShape III, the latest iteration of the device, relies on the company’s proprietary elōs (electro-optical synergy) technology combining bipolar radiofrequency (RF), infrared light and pulsed vacuum suction, which draws tissue into the tip for the most desirable and consistent energy delivery. The result is reduction of subcutaneous fat and tightening of overlying skin.

This system also features Guided Mode advanced software to manage parameters, streamline the treatment process and reduce technique dependency. “Real-time temperature monitoring maximizes efficacy, but makes it so comfortable patients fall asleep during treatment,” said Chi-Kong Or, M.D., a plastic surgeon at the Hong Kong Plastic Surgery Specialists Centre (China). “But the most impressive thing about VelaShape III is still the results.”

In Dr. Or’s experience, VelaShape III is ideal for the abdomen and flanks, especially areas with skin laxity. “We recommend ten sessions, two to four weekly treatments followed by bi-weekly sessions, then monthly, depending on severity. It is very good for women after pregnancy.”

Joining the two technologies together makes a powerful, yet non-invasive, one-two knockout punch against unwanted adipose tissue. These devices can be easily combined safely because they do not contraindicate each other, Dr. Or stated. “If subcutaneous fat is more severe, UltraShape Power will treat deeply and destroy more fat, but VelaShape III will treat superficially and improve the overlying tissue,” he said. “They work very well together.”