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truSculpt iD creates customized treatments

Article-truSculpt iD creates customized treatments


With hands-on and hands-free applicators, truSculpt iD from Cutera (Brisbane, Calif.) provides individually tailored, 15- minute treatments for fat pockets located virtually anywhere on the body. This radiofrequency (RF)-based body contouring device has earned an FDA clearance for lipolysis.

Previous “hands-free” lipolysis technologies have relied on either a vacuum or belt to be safe and effective, which, in turn, has limited the size and shape of patients who can be treated.

“With truSculpt iD we can place multiple electrodes and treat multiple body areas such as the abdomen and flanks in a single 15-minute session,” said Amy Taub, M.D., a dermatologist in Chicago, Ill.

The device’s electrodes adhere to a proprietary film that anchors the applicator and homogenizes energy delivery. “This allows us to use any orientation we like, anywhere on the body, simultaneously,” Dr. Taub expressed.

A transparent silicone wrap adds a secondary securing of the electrodes while limiting heat diffusion in the fat layer. “This is not only easy to use, but allows us to raise the temperature of the fat to higher levels while keeping the skin at a lower temperature, which improves patient comfort,” she explained.

Setup only takes a few minutes and truSculpt iD requires no post-treatment massage. “As far as operator time in the room, we can complete these treatments in 20 minutes,” Dr. Taub shared. “This is three-and-a-half to five times faster than cryolipolysis, for equally sized areas,” she added.

“Results have been consistent. Our studies have shown an average of 24% reduction in fat thickness after a single session at 12 weeks,” Dr. Taub reported. Just like truSculpt 3D, this device shapes the body, reducing bulges without the risk of creating irregular contours, she elaborated.

Since truSculpt iD uses heat to induce adipocyte apoptosis (“slow” lipolysis), there is the additional benefit of improvement in skin quality. “What we have seen is the skin seems to be smoother, tighter and rejuvenated, which is an additional effect our patients appreciate,” Dr. Taub noted.

To treat highly contoured areas that are too small for hands-free treatment, the device offers both the 16 cm(stationary) and 40 cm2 truSculpt 3D (mobile) handson applicators. This variety creates a robust workstation without compromise. “It is highly customizable to almost any pocket of fat and any patient size; hence, one reason for it to be called iD – for individual,” Dr. Taub stated.

“Small and medium-sized patients can have their abdomen and flanks done in a single session,” she highlighted. And, while larger patients may require two back-to-back 15-minute sessions – one with all six applicators on their abdomen, another with three on each flank, “that is still twice as fast as with truSculpt 3D.”

A study performed by Dr. Taub showed that patients rated the procedure’s discomfort at an average of three to five on a ten-point scale. “Most people report it feels like a heating pad or hot stone massage,” she said. It is hot but more comfortable than previous heat-based non-invasive lipolysis devices.”

Patients begin noticing improvements around six weeks post-procedure, with optimum results at 12 weeks. Most patients return around months three to six to treat additional body areas after they’ve seen the results and sustained reduction from their first treatment area.

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