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Total Tone Up Merges Muscle Therapies into a One-Hour Powerhouse

Article-Total Tone Up Merges Muscle Therapies into a One-Hour Powerhouse

Sponsored by BTL; The Total Tone Up is a one-hour therapeutic dynamo featuring the two leading-edge devices from BTL Aesthetics (Boston, Mass.), Emface and Emsculpt Neo. It is the perfect lunchtime procedure as part of a more extensive course of therapy, maintenance, or a perk-up that provides the most natural result, non-invasively.

Sponsored by BTL; 

headshots_ArticuloBTLThe Total Tone Up is a one-hour therapeutic dynamo featuring the two leading-edge devices from BTL Aesthetics (Boston, Mass.), Emface and Emsculpt Neo. It is the perfect lunchtime procedure as part of a more extensive course of therapy, maintenance, or a perk-up that provides the most natural result, non-invasively.

“What continues driving the muscle revolution is the functional aspect of what is considered an aesthetic therapy,” mentioned Suneel Chilukuri, MD, director of Refresh Dermatology (Houston, Texas). “By strengthening the core, the functional benefits outweigh the aesthetic results. For example, we have numerous patients’ whose back pain resolved using the Emsculpt Neo’s large applicators to the abdomen and upper buttocks, along with the Emsella to the pelvic girdle muscles. In addition, improving muscle tone helps correct one’s posture and alleviates pain in many of our patients. Similarly, Emface targets facial nerves activating the elevator muscles that naturally hold the facial skin in a ‘lifted’ position.”

Emsculpt Neo’s high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM®) brand energy causes supramaximal contractions of core and extremity musculature (depending on the applicator), inducing scientifically proven muscular hyperplasia and hypertrophy. The result is bottom-up toning of underlying musculature to firm up the physique, with an additional effect on localized metabolism that reduces fatty deposits. Emsculpt Neo‘s Synchronized radiofrequency (RF) synergy further reduces fat. Enhanced strength and stability bring myriad functional and wellness benefits as well. By marrying Synchronized RF with high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) brand facial muscle stimulation, Emface helps naturally restore a more youthful appearance. The RF component is directed superficially to treat skin, and the HIFES selectively treats the facial elevator muscles to restore the lost structure. Emsculpt Neo_BTL_BA

“Today’s trends favor ‘low downtime, low risk, real results and this is exactly what we have here,” said cosmetic dermatologist Paul Jarrod Frank, MD (New York City, N.Y.). “You cannot achieve in the gym what Emsculpt Neo can deliver in less time, and you cannot exercise the muscles in your face like you can with Emface. Whether you want a full treatment course, or want maintenance, one session of Emface and Emsculpt Neo can be performed back-to-back in an hour.”

“With zero downtime, it is a real lunchtime procedure,” Dr. Chilukuri reinforced. “I always treat with Emface first because the RF component of therapy creates a mild flush, which is gone by the time the Emsculpt Neo session is concluded.”

Rebecca Pate, aesthetician, founder and CEO of Bare Bunny Aesthetics in Huntington Beach, Calif., noted that, “The combination of Emsculpt Neo and Emface is a real game-changer. People generally do not brag about invasive cosmetic procedures or injectables, but a non-invasive result will be discussed forever. These are the perfect treatments for the times: no needles, no cutting, no downtime and no hassle. This is the greatest gift we have been able to give to our patients, and they agree.”

“People are taking responsibility for their own health and wellness, and this falls directly in that line,” said Jacalyn Pantalone of Studio Sculpt (Clawson, Mich.). “With facial aging, we have been laboring under a misconception that increasing volume is the best approach. Emface tones the muscle, which restores the functional tightness of the fascia and connective tissue, and increases collagen and elastin of the tissue – all naturally. With Emsculpt Neo it is the same, aesthetic results with a functional component that increases confidence and quality of life together. Here we focus on healthspan, not lifespan, and nothing helps us do that like Total Tone Up with Emsculpt Neo and Emface.”

According to Ms. Pate, scalability is a huge part of the protocol’s success. “We are changing lives, and as a business owner, there is no better business to be in,” she said, “but we can do as much or as little as the patient wants, for as long as they want – a full course of treatment with maintenance, or not, using one or both depending on the patient. These treatments practically sell themselves once people see their true capabilities. This, along with the generous return on investment (ROI) and profit margin, are why I went from a one-room practice to a two-story building with several treatment rooms often booked for weeks.”

“When you compare non-invasive Total Tone Up with multiple syringes of dermal filler or neurotoxin, and the ability to knock it out in an hour, it is a no-brainer for a lot of people because the natural, non-invasive result wins out,” added Ms. Pantalone. “And the treatment cadence is perfect – a one-hour appointment once weekly is easy for people to deal with. These technologies also pair well with other therapies such as Exilis (also from BTL Aesthetics) or other facial treatments we offer.”

“Another advantage is the result. There is both an immediate result with one treatment, which can be used if say, you are going to an event the next day, and there is also a cumulative, long-term result from a full course of treatment,” Dr. Frank noted. “And like with anything else, maintenance sessions help maintain results. The number of sessions is dependent on your age and goals, but most will do a full series. The ability to knock out both Emface and Emsculpt together in an hour, and walk away with little to no recovery, is very appealing.

“There is a spectrum of ways you could package these technologies and make them attractive,” Dr. Frank continued. “We see a lot of people wanting a refresher just before a vacation, party, or big event.”

“There is definitely an immediate effect, and we use it as a marketing tool,” Dr. Chilukuri explained. “We can treat cheeks or forehead or both with Emface, and the difference is startling. Most often, patients come back the following week to have the whole face treated. These devices sell themselves, and I happily offer curious patients two complimentary treatments. With Friend Media, our in-office video marketing cross-promotes to people who are already receiving neuromodulators, dermal fillers, Emsculpt Neo, or Emsella. The Total Tone Up protocol makes absolute sense since patients are already there for treatment, and they do not need to come back in for a different treatment session.” 

Ms. Pate also highlighted another added component of success – BTL itself. “When you buy devices from BTL, you are a customer for life, and the Company supports you,” she explained. “The technologies are backed by science that you can trust, and BTL ensures you get the most out of them through training and marketing support. I have felt like we have become family with the BTL team – the way they push for our success.”

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