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Thriving body shaping market welcomes industry innovation

Article-Thriving body shaping market welcomes industry innovation

Sponsored by DEKA

Experiencing annual growth estimated at 10% to 16%, the current body shaping market features many different technologies to reduce fat, circumference, tighten skin and treat the appearance of cellulite.

Recently, radiofrequency (RF)-based devices have become a primary technology for body contouring due to the versatility, safety profile and fast learning curve. However, a downside to RF has been the level of pain associated with procedures, and the post-treatment redness and swelling experienced by some patients.

Seeing an opportunity for improvement, DEKA (Florence, Italy) has launched Onda, a unique, controlled-microwave delivery platform (patent-pending) for body shaping.

Onda uses a 2.45 GHz microwave energy (Coolwaves™) that has proven highly selective for subdermal fat, while preserving the preceding dermo-epidermal layers above. This system’s unique technology addresses patient discomfort and downtime, and consistently reduces treatment time.

According to professor Paolo Bonan, M.D., a dermatologist at Villa Donatello Clinic in Florence, Italy, “The biggest advantage with Onda is the ability to treat all body shaping conditions, including cellulite, skin laxity and fat deposits at different depths of action. Patients are extremely happy with both the results obtained and the minimally invasive approach to treatment. At this time, Onda is the top requested treatment by many of our patients for body shaping.”

Microwave technology has a history in clinical applications as it has been widely used in many branches of medicine, including oncology. Onda’s patent-pending handpiece technology allows for full control of delivery of the microwaves into the body with no overheating to superficial layers, thus avoiding both irritation and burns.

“This is a huge practical advantage vs. RF-based devices,” said professor Nicola Zerbinati, M.D., a dermatologist at CMP in Pavia, Italy.

“Onda is a device that, for the first time, is able to produce a focalized action just where it is needed. This comes from a deep knowledge of the characteristics of the skin layers, as well as the behavior of these layers when treated by very high frequencies, as proven by all electronic microscopy histological reports,” he continued.

Both patients and operators report that the Onda procedure is pleasant and extremely comfortable, as well as quick and easy to perform. The swift and promising results, visible immediately after the first session, joined with the high degree of comfort and ease of use, make Onda the preferred choice for many body shaping specialists.