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TargetCool Helps Reduce Injection Inflammation and Elevate Patient Comfort

Article-TargetCool Helps Reduce Injection Inflammation and Elevate Patient Comfort

Sponsored by CoolHealth; Needle-based treatments can cause patient anxiety due to discomfort or the possibility of post-injection bruising, swelling and inflammation.

Sponsored by CoolHealth

Dr ElizabethGeddes-BruceNeedle-based treatments can cause patient anxiety due to discomfort or the possibility of post-injection bruising, swelling and inflammation. TargetCool™ by CoolHealth (Austin, Texas) is a revolutionary device that provides rapid, precise skin cooling to reduce pain and discomfort. It allows aesthetic physicians and practitioners to provide more comfortable injections to help reduce patient apprehension and treatment time.

“We know that when it comes to injections, patient discomfort can be mitigated by exposure to cold. TargetCool is a novel device that precisely cools the skin to a specific temperature for a selected duration of time,” explained Elizabeth Geddes-Bruce, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in Austin, Texas. “I mostly utilize TargetCool with any form of aesthetic injections, from dermal fillers to neuromodulators, to platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, which seems to be a favorite for patients since PRP scalp injections are particularly painful.”

The TargetCool medical device utilizes compressed CO2 to cool the skin, combined with breakthrough digital technology to control the amount and duration of cooling. The result is an unprecedented degree of precision, control and rapidity in skin cooling and patient comfort. TargetCool can replace numbing creams, thus reducing patient wait time and improving patient throughput.

“I control the exact temperature I desire, and for how long the cooling spray is delivered and the settings I pick are highly tailorable to what I am doing and what the patient needs,” Dr. Geddes-Bruce shared. “By doing so, TargetCool helps to alleviate the pain of the actual needle puncture, as well as distract from the injection, and provide a refreshing sensation.”

TargetCool_Injections required in PRP therapy may promote anxiety for those who are sensitive to needles as the patient needs both a blood draw and an injection. Lip fillers and neurotoxins can be painful and cause bruising, swelling and inflammation. According to Dr. Geddes-Bruce, TargetCool can address all of these concerns to help physicians provide improved comfort, thus increasing patient satisfaction. But the benefits do not end here.

TargetCool benefits patients as well as physicians and their practices. “Not only do we improve patient comfort, but we also see decreased swelling and bruising, both of which are important to patients who have busy social calendars and want to discreetly get their treatments and get on with their day,” Dr. Geddes-Bruce explained. She added that because aesthetic treatments are a luxury, patients desire a positive experience and will remember how they feel during a procedure. “TargetCool helps to elevate their experience and is a fantastic tool to be able to offer.

“It sets my practice apart from other practices and helps us keep that standard high,” Dr. Geddes-Bruce continued. “TargetCool also helps to increase revenue if a patient decides to add on a treatment, such as filler to a neuromodulator appointment. It does not matter that they have not sat with numbing cream on their face, we can add the treatment using the TargetCool device.”

“I love being able to offer technology that improves the patient experience, I have to say I am most excited to see how else to utilize this novel cooling technology in the fields of dermatology and aesthetics in the future,” Dr. Geddes-Bruce expressed. Comfortable patients are happier patients, and when injectables are needed, TargetCool will help physicians offer peace of mind while providing best-in-class treatments that patients will remember.

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