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SP Dynamis Pro indications continue to expand

Article-SP Dynamis Pro indications continue to expand


Featuring a wide variety of treatment indications that continues to grow with the space, the SP Dynamis Pro™ dual wavelength laser system from Fotona (based in the U.S. and Europe) provides unrivaled versatility for physicians, as well as efficiency and profitability in a highly effective and reliable device without costly consumables.

With the gold standard 1064 nm Nd:YAG and workhorse 2940 nm Er:YAG wavelengths delivered in a variety of modes and pulse structures, this system can do many things well. While the full capabilities of SP Dynamis Pro are still being explored, there is much to work with even now.

Eugene J. Nowak, M.D., director of Nowak Aesthetics in Chula Vista, Calif., is a proponent of SP Dynamis and relies on it heavily within his practice. “We know the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers are not new in the community, but it is what they’ve done with the technology that differentiates SP Dynamis Pro from others,” he said. “Not only do they have both lasers in one system, they’ve engineered methods to manipulate these in vastly different ways.”

The Nd:YAG laser itself, for example, can be used in a somewhat traditional fashion in Quasi-Continuous Wave (QCW) mode for surgical applications, such as lipolysis and laser ablation. Bulk heating of the dermis can be achieved using the Nd:YAG laser in ultra-long pulse PIANO® mode for indications related to collagen remodeling and skin laxity. Using SMOOTH® mode with the non-ablative Er:YAG laser is gentle enough for treating the mucosa, and is utilized for intra-oral applications, as well as vaginal applications, which are rising in popularity.

“SMOOTH mode is a truly unique use of the laser, unlike anything else out there,” Dr. Nowak stated. “It is a long pulse duration and is considered non-ablative or sub-ablative, delivering heat much more effectively because it doesn’t have to go through the skin or melanin. In fact, SMOOTH mode is what first piqued my interest in the device itself.”

SupErficial™ mode with the Er:YAG gives a lighter, superficial peel-like surface skin treatment. Finally, FRAC3® mode harnesses the Nd:YAG with a proprietary pulse structure that creates a pseudofractional effect for resurfacing.

Used together, the four specialized modes are known as Fotona 4D. This powerful protocol provides a global anti-aging therapy from intraoral tightening using SMOOTH mode to FRAC3 for fractional resurfacing, which tightens and eliminates pigment; PIANO mode for bulk heating and collagen remodeling; and finally, SupErficial mode, according to Dr. Nowak.

“This is a very customizable procedure, even down to the final laser peel, which we can make lighter or heavier, depending on the patient’s tolerance of downtime. And there can be a plumping effect that makes you think the patient had fillers.”

For TightSculpting®, practitioners start with the Nd:YAG in PIANO mode for deep heating of subcutaneous fat, sparing skin tissue while stimulating metabolism of fat cells. Er:YAG in SMOOTH mode is then applied for controlled tightening of surface tissue, for a better overall result. Dr. Nowak most often uses it in the abdominal region, but the treatment is safe for any area of the body, he explained.

“The scanner technology and real-time tissue temperature monitoring incorporated into the SP Dynamis are what make this so appealing,” Dr. Nowak expressed. “These features make it easy to provide safe, consistent, thorough treatment every time. My physician’s assistant, nurse or I can do it, and we know how much time we’re going to spend.”

TightLase® is a similar body contouring application with SP Dynamis involving both wavelengths, more often used for cellulite.

According to Dr. Nowak, the NightLase® protocol uses the Er:YAG in SMOOTH mode to treat the oral mucosa (tonsils, tonsillar pillars, soft palate), enabling physicians to improve and reduce snoring in their patients. “After using a proprietary phone app, which grades patient snoring, we get an idea of how much treatment they need – usually a series of three sessions; although, more are often required in severe cases. This has been a life-changing treatment for patients, and many times it is their families that report the impact, even after a single session,” Dr. Nowak shared. “I can often see tightening occur before my eyes as I treat.”

As previously mentioned, the platform can also perform minimally invasive gynecological treatments via the Er:YAG in SMOOTH mode. In addition, Dr. Nowak also uses SMOOTH mode for a new procedure called LipLase®. “This is a quick, easy lip remodeling treatment for the surface of and just inside the lips, which patients are really excited about. This may be our highest-volume procedure with SP Dynamis right now.” After that, his most popular applications are Fotona 4D, NightLase, TightLase and TightSculpting.

Fotona continuously works with practitioners and scientists to improve and expand protocols and the company is eager to train users in the most effective techniques currently known. “They’re constantly keeping us updated with seminars and workshops. Their training is excellent and active, and with proper training, other staff can use SP Dynamis for some applications,” Dr. Nowak stated. “They even have a phone app that keeps you updated about upcoming training courses.”

In Dr. Nowak’s experience, one of the biggest challenges associated with his use of SP Dynamis Pro is the scheduling. “We have so many people who want to use it, the device is running almost full-time. Demand for NightLase is high and there’s so much else we do with it, like skin tightening and even laser hair removal – more applications than we’d have space to discuss here. And increasingly, we are doing TightSculpting.”

“It is a good thing that the device is extremely reliable,” Dr. Nowak added. “We’ve had no major issues with the laser; there have been several upgrades, but we have not had any major problems in the three years that we have had the SP Dynamis.”


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