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SP Dynamis ideal for traditional and emerging applications

Article-SP Dynamis ideal for traditional and emerging applications


Even with the proliferation of new technologies and treatments, the laser is still a frontline provider of outcomes. Among them, the SP Dynamis Pro dual-wavelength laser system from Fotona (based in the U.S. and Europe) remains a standout with two wavelengths (1064 nm Nd:YAG and 2940 nm Er:YAG) and unique modes of delivery. With these features, physicians can count on the platform to provide traditional therapies in difficult-to-treat areas, as well as novel applications such as hair regrowth.

Overall laser success depends first on safety and efficacy, but a product’s longevity is contingent upon its continued utility. This is where Fotona’s focus on its technology’s untapped potential comes into play.

According to veteran dermatologist Doris Day, M.D., who practices in New York City, N.Y., SP Dynamis is a reliable and versatile platform that does what aesthetic lasers need to do well, but there is more to come.

“This versatile laser platform helps me accomplish so much with just one device. I’m still learning all that it can do and enjoying the expansion of services and treatments I’m able to provide patients.”

SP Dynamis is often used traditionally in Quasi Continuous Wave mode for surgical applications, laser lipolysis and ablative resurfacing.

In addition, four specialized, distinct modes set it apart. Ultra-long pulse PIANO® mode provides bulk heating capabilities using the Nd:YAG laser for collagen remodeling and improvement of laxity. The proprietary pulse structure of FRAC3® mode uses the Nd:YAG to create a unique fractional effect for many applications. The Er:YAG, SMOOTH® mode’s non-ablative long pulse yields a powerful treatment that is gentle enough for the oral and vaginal mucosa, and SupErficial mode allows practitioners to provide a light laser peel. The Fotona 4D anti-aging protocol combines all four modes.

Dr. Day has enjoyed SP Dynamis for both traditional applications and novel ones as well. “I’ve been using it for hair regrowth and periocular rejuvenation with little to no downtime,” she said.

For hair regrowth, Dr. Day uses the Er:YAG laser. “In the past I’ve seen follicle restoration when using the CO2 laser over burn scars, and other physicians exploring this technology suggested the SP Dynamis could provide a therapeutic version of this effect. The procedure I use is not cleared by the FDA, nor does Fotona market it. My hope and expectation is that patients will experience less shedding and increased hair growth, and that the hair that grows is thicker,” she explained.

“During a consultation, I discuss all treatment options and combinations. I review realistic expectations from therapies based on factors that range from the severity of hair loss to a patient’s ability to adhere to the recommended treatment plan,” Dr. Day shared. “Patients must be made to understand that while SP Dynamis may not fully eliminate their concerns, treatments may, over time, prevent additional hair loss and provide substantial improvement as well.”

Dr. Day uses this approach in support of traditional therapeutic modalities and does not delegate this protocol to ancillary staff.

“These patients may simply be experiencing hair loss, or it may result from scarring, but I’ve seen excellent outcomes for both.”

Dr. Day’s preferred settings for this treatment are Er:YAG at 7 J/cm2, 3.3 Hz with the PS03 Smooth 7 mm handpiece.

“Treatment is fairly rapid. Once parameters are set I perform three passes to each target area. One pass equals one forward-and-back movement, typically along the scalp,” Dr. Day expressed.

“I believe it works by improving tissue circulation and stimulating follicle growth through the wounding process. In my experience, it stimulates regrowth of thicker, darker hair with no downtime after treatments,” Dr. Day continued.

“My protocol includes about eight sessions at two- to three-week intervals, often in conjunction with platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is injected the same day, after the laser treatment,” Dr. Day indicated. “The laser does not burn away existing hair, which is essential to the procedure. As hair grows thicker, I’m careful to part the hair so the maximal contact is with the scalp, not the hair.”

Results manifest over time. “In addition to PRP, many of my patients complement their laser treatments with other options such as supplements and my hair growth kit,”

Dr. Day added. “In doing this, most of my patients typically achieve long-lasting, optimal results. Yes, the laser can work as monotherapy, but different options work on different pathways, so we want to use every tool at our disposal when we can, to affect every aspect contributing to thinning hair.”

Also using the Er:YAG, Dr. Day applies SP Dynamis for periocular rejuvenation, a challenging treatment area due to the nature of local skin tissue and proximity to the eye. Again, Dr. Day uses the PS03 Smooth 7 mm handpiece at 3.3 Hz and 7.75 J/cm2.

“Once settings are chosen I use proper eye protection and perform four to five passes over the upper area to the lid margin, and three to four passes over the lower area to the lid margin, bilaterally.”

Dr. Day recommends that patients undergo two to three sessions at intervals of two to three weeks for optimal results, with maintenance every four to six months. “The treatment area is pink for a few days, with mild flakiness for a few more days, but is extremely well-tolerated. The earliest and most dramatic improvement is seen in the quality of the lower eyelid skin.”

Patients love the results. “Aesthetically, the area around the eye is crucial to an overall youthful appearance,” Dr. Day stated.

“By stimulating collagen, periocular rejuvenation is an excellent treatment option for patients looking to address flaccid skin, wrinkles and pore size with minimal downtime,” Dr. Day noted.

“Through multiple treatments over time, patients can expect tightening, improved texture and decreased appearance of crow’s feet and under-eye bags,” Dr. Day reported. “I’ve had patients note a visible difference after a single treatment. It will not replace surgery for those with large fat herniation or severe laxity, but it is a nice option for those not yet ready for surgery or hoping to avoid it altogether.”

Dr. Day has been using SP Dynamis for vaginal procedures as well, for both internal and external treatment. “The more I use SP Dynamis, the more I realize it can do so much more than I ever thought,” she stated.

“The laser, especially when harnessed in novel ways as with SP Dynamis, is still a top treatment option in aesthetic medicine and I don’t see it going anywhere but forward.”

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