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SLIMUS delivers fast non-surgical body contouring solution

Article-SLIMUS delivers fast non-surgical body contouring solution


Facial rejuvenation and body shaping make up the two main categories of today’s medical aesthetic market. In the case of body contouring, the risk of postoperative morbidity, recovery and downtime, has led to a decrease in the amount of surgical liposuction procedures being performed, and an increase in the demand for non-invasive solutions.

SLIMUS from Hironic (Gyeonggi-do, South Korea) uses a combination of 1060 nm diode laser with Laser Vibration Alliance Technology (LVAT). The 1060 nm laser successfully penetrates the skin to reach the targeted subcutaneous fat layer with minimal dermis absorption. Moreover, SLIMUS’s low melanin absorption rate enables physicians to treat people with diverse skin types.

Decomposition of subcutaneous fat via the 1060 nm laser occurs at temperatures between 42° and 47° C. Together with the laser, LVAT helps to damage the adipocytes, causing a macrophage mechanism of action for fast and effective fat cell drainage. There are three different levels of vibration according to the physician’s or patient’s preference.

As a non-invasive technology, the SLIMUS device is attached on the body with a customized belt – not as a suction type applicator. By using a belt, there is less chance of bruising or erythema and the procedure does not result in significant
downtime. Another benefit of SLIMUS is that treatment takes only 25 minutes. This is much shorter than most other non-surgical devices that typically take 60 minutes. Furthermore, multiple areas of the body can be treated in a single session, as SLIMUS consists of multiple applicators.

Since treatment comfort is a relative issue, which varies depending on each individual patient, SLIMUS provides an ‘Emergency Button’, which allows the patient to stop the treatment if they are in pain.

According to Ji Hoon Kim, M.D., a dermatologist with a private practice in South Korea, “By safely inducing therapeutic injury to adipocytes, SLIMUS damages fat cells, which are subsequently cleared by our body’s natural inflammatory processes, resulting in a decreased volume of adipose tissue. SLIMUS is the future of body shaping.”