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Research Demonstrates Efficacy of Leading Solar Skincare Line

Article-Research Demonstrates Efficacy of Leading Solar Skincare Line

Sponsored by RATIONALE The sun causes 80% of facial aging, making the prevention and reversal of sun damage through topical daily skincare imperative for physicians and patients.

Sponsored by RATIONALE

The sun causes 80% of facial aging, making the prevention and reversal of sun damage through topical daily skincare imperative for physicians and patients.1 Australian skincare company RATIONALE has adopted a research driven approach to defining and creating formulations and regimens that optimize daily solar protection and support nightly repair.

“RATIONALE was created by Richard Parker, a skincare researcher and chemist who sought to address the photoaging effects of the sun,” reported Joely Kaufman, MD, a board certified Research Demonstrates Efficacy of Leading Solar Skincare Linedermatologist at Skin Associates of South Florida (Coral Gables, Fla.). She explained that the Company created unique regimens from products that work synergistically, with pH (potential of hydrogen), ingredient compatibility and skin penetration in mind.

“With the ability to customize for each patient, the easy-touse, stepwise system has been enthusiastically received by both our standand clientele,” Dr. Kaufman stated. “With RATIONALE’s valuable training and guidance, we were able to e  ectively educate our patients on how to incorporate the products into their regimen.

“I was initially won over on RATIONALE because of the SPF50+ serum,” Dr. Kaufman continued. “In Miami, we truly get no break from the year-round sun, so protection is vital. The #3 Tinted Serum SPF 50+ is a zinc formulation that does not look or feel like zinc but acts like zinc as far as ultraviolet radiation (UV) and infrared protection.”

RATIONALE’s #3 Tinted Serum SPF50+ includes 24% zinc oxide, iron oxides and melanin to protect from sun damage while strengthening the skin’s barrier function with intercellular lipids Research Demonstrates Efficacy of Leading Solar Skincare Lineincluding ceramides. According to a study on RATIONALE’s Solar Protection and Repair formulations, post-application expression changes included a 278% increase in the enzymes responsible for barrier defense and 86,000% boost in antioxidant protection, among other improvements.2

Olga Ulitsky, MD, board-certified dermatologist at WassermanUlitsky Dermatology (Venice, Fla.), was also attracted to RATIONALE because of the #3 Tinted Serum SPF50+. “I felt the silky fluid on my skin that I knew was 24% zinc and was immediately hooked,” she professed. “Many patients are aware of the harmful rays of UV light, but few know the contribution of visible light and infrared radiation to the aging process, pigment formation and collagen breakdown. RATIONALE products address all of these factors in a systematic manner while allowing our aestheticians to discuss and personalize treatment plans with each patient.”

Dr. Ulitsky incorporates RATIONALE facials into her practice to offer a complete luxury skincare experience for her clients. “We have two aestheticians who perform Signature RATIONALE facials that engage all of the senses. The facial begins with the light orange aroma complex (#2 Compress Concentrate), proceeds with a cleansing ritual, the enzyme ritual, a light peel (with lactic or pyruvic acid), a massage ritual using vitamin infusions (for example, a vitamin D infusion and #1 hyaluronic acid mask) and closes with the same amazing mild orange scent experience. We may also incorporate a microcurrent treatment for temporary stimulation of the facial muscles as well as a light-emitting diode (LED) treatment.

“The whole experience is luxurious, relaxing and uplifting, all while the skin is being optimally hydrated and restored,” Dr. Ulitsky continued. “Patients have more faith in a practice that can cater to their unique needs rather than a one-size-fi ts-all approach, especially with the customized, luxurious and targeted products and treatments offered by RATIONALE.”


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