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Progressive Dermal Remodeling with Defined Results

Article-Progressive Dermal Remodeling with Defined Results

Sponsored By Cutera; In today’s busy world, aesthetic patients want treatments that are quick, effective and result in little downtime.

Sponsored By Cutera;

In today’s busy world, aesthetic patients want treatments that are quick, effective and result in little downtime. Secret™ PRO from Cutera® (Brisbane, Calif.) is quickly becoming a mainstay for many aesthetic providers and practices by helping them meet these demands with highly customizable, safe and effective treatments that address a range of concerns, demographics and skin types all year round.


“Secret PRO is my go-to treatment for texture concerns including acne scaring, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves skin quality, dullness and sunspots,” explained Dennis Gross, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon in New York City, N.Y. “The unique combination of radiofrequency (RF) microneedling and fractional CO2laser within one device allows for a completely customizable treatment that delivers exceptional results compared to using the two devices separately. Patients love that there is no downtime and results are visible after just a few treatments.”

According to Dr. Gross, “the RF microneedling uses a combination of either 64 or 25 pins to penetrate the skin and deliver a predetermined depth of RF energy which initiates your body to create new collagen from the inside out. The fractional CO2 laser ablates only a fraction of the skin for faster healing, mitigating the risk of side effects and downtime. This unique combination of technologies treats the full thickness of the epidermis and dermis to stimulate collagen production and increase hyaluronic acid production.”

With the ability to adjust RF intensity, along with a customizable fractional CO2 laser setting, Secret PRO allows providers control and customization abilities. “We can completely control everything about this treatment protocol; how long it takes, the comfort level and even the amount of treatment and/or downtime one may need,” Dr. Gross clarified. “When the two modalities communicate with each other, you are able to create a hyper-targeted treatment plan unique to each patient.” In addition, the smart design includes easy twist on and off needle tips and an intuitive touchscreen that makes it easy to customize and set parameters, while improving patient throughput and satisfaction.


In Dr. Gross’s experience, the Secret PRO is a dual modality system that promotes neocollagenesis from the bottom up, and the top down. “Other similar devices go deeper into the skin and release the RF laser at a deeper level, which is not beneficial,” Dr. Gross mentioned. “The fibroblast cells live in the mid-dermis, not in the deeper portion of the skin, so deeper is not necessarily better. Furthermore, other devices are more painful and cause more swelling and downtime compared to the Secret PRO.”

Most textural issues and antiaging concerns can be addressed with Secret PRO with multiple applications to treat scars, stretch marks, sun damage, large pores and general signs of aging.* “We are seeing an influx of patient referrals, as people are really loving their results,” Dr. Gross concluded.

*By way of resurfacing and hemostasis and coagulation.

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