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Practice Building with Non-Invasive Emsculpt Classic and Emsculpt Neo

Article-Practice Building with Non-Invasive Emsculpt Classic and Emsculpt Neo

BTL Aesthetics Savvy aesthetic practitioners are positioning the powerful capabilities of the revolutionary Emsculpt and Emsculpt Neo non-invasive body sculpting systems from BTL Aesthetics (Boston, Mass.) to build their practices. The nature of therapy with these remarkable devices serves both preventative and corrective functions, with broad appeal to patients of any age, gender or ethnicity.

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Savvy aesthetic practitioners are positioning the powerful capabilities of the revolutionary Emsculpt and Emsculpt Neo non-invasive body sculpting systems from BTL Aesthetics (Boston, Mass.) to build their practices. The nature of therapy with these remarkable devices serves both preventative and corrective functions, with broad appeal to patients of any age, gender or ethnicity.

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Brian Kinney, MD Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills, CA

Paul J. Frank, MD

Paul J. Frank, MD Medical Director PfrankMD
New York, NY

David E. Kent, MD

David E. Kent, MD
Skin Care Physicians of Georgia Macon, GA

SculpSure, submental fat, lipolysis, body shaping

Bruce Katz, MD Dermatologist
JUVA Skin & Laser Center New York, NY

Suneel Chilukuri, MD

Suneel Chilukuri, MD Founder
Refresh Dermatology Houston, TX

“‘Build muscle, burn fat’ is a compelling promise for any and all patients, and the Emsculpt devices deliver,” said plastic surgeon Brian Kinney, MD (Beverly Hills, Calif.). “This means different things to different people, but it applies: if you want to be an active, rather than a passive, participant in life at any age, Emsculpt is for you.”

Emsculpt Classic and Emsculpt Neo use high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to stimulate supramaximal muscle contractions in target areas which induce scientifically demonstrated muscular hypertrophy and hyperplasia. By itself, this upregulates local metabolism, causing localized fat reduction. If desired, Emsculpt Neo adds the innovative component of simultaneous RF emission, which enhances these therapeutic effects.

Before and after treatment with Emsculpt Neo Photos courtesy of Bruce Katz, MD

“Simply put, what injectable neurotoxin did for the industry through facial injectables a few decades ago, the Emsculpt devices are doing again through non-invasive body contouring,” said cosmetic dermatologist Paul J. Frank, MD, medical director of PfrankMD in New York, N.Y. “With these devices, BTL created a whole new treatment category that appeals to anyone looking for functional, corrective or aesthetic improvement. The safety, ease of use and outcomes provide an essential adjunct to any body contouring practice as well as a steppingstone to this market for any aesthetic physician.”

“This attracts three key markets,” he continued. “It appeals to the younger demographic and men because it transcends the diminishing returns usually experienced with
traditional lifestyle pathways to a beach body, and to older patients who want to retain or restore core strength for functional reasons. This has augmented and further opened up my body sculpting practice considerably.” Although originally directed at the core musculature, the Classic platform features additional handpieces for skeletal muscles of the extremities; similar functionality for the Neo is also available.

The Core-to-Floor treatment concept harnesses the core muscle enhancement of Emsculpt and the pelvic floor restoration with the Emsella chair applicator to give older patients mobility, range of motion and more, which they may have lost. “This is the most magnificent marriage of two technologies I have ever seen, and there is nothing else like it,” said David Kent, MD, founder of Skin Care Physicians of Georgia (Macon, Ga.). “The Emsculpt devices are a gateway into our practice. For Baby Boomers, improved core and skeletal musculature serves aesthetic purposes but, more than that, a wellness component for maintaining basic function.

“Furthermore, the Emsella chair applicator addresses the pelvic floor to improve issues such as incontinence as well,” he continued. “Millennials are much more information-seekers and come in knowing exactly what they want. They are busy and much more image- and wellness-conscious, so they easily see the benefit of Emsculpt. For any demographic, after successful therapy, it is only natural for them to inquire about our other aesthetic treatments.”

Dermatologist Bruce Katz, MD, is director of JUVA Skin & Laser Center (New York, N.Y.). “Traditionally, body sculpting was for younger, fitter patients and mommy makeovers. The unique effect of the Emsculpt devices allows us to go well beyond that and treat just about anybody. Also, because Emsculpt Neo can treat higher-BMI patients – even patients with a BMI of 35 – this provides possibilities for segments of the market we couldn’t effectively treat before, and that is a big deal as well.

“As we emerge out of COVID-19, many people have put on a few pounds and lost muscle tone, often stuck at home and not able to get to the gym, and maybe even feeling depressed, which never helps any aspect of wellness,” Dr. Katz continued. “They are looking to enter, or re-enter, the practice to get back to themselves in terms of appearance, function and overall quality of life. Build more muscle, trim more fat as we transition out of COVID and into summer; that is what many people are eager to do. Emsculpt can be a huge part of that, and the traffic in our practice is the proof.”

Suneel Chilukuri, MD, founder of Refresh Dermatology in Houston, Texas, treats many Baby Boomers. He notes that the functional improvement prospects are extraordinary for a variety of reasons. “First you have improved functionality and wellness, which cannot be overstated,” he began. “After age 30 people lose a few percentage points of muscle mass each decade! I gave my father- in-law four treatments, and he went home skeptical, but later thanked me profusely because the core strength and quadricep enhancement made it much easier for him to get around.

Before and after a course of Emsculpt Neo treatments Photos courtesy of Suneel Chilukuri, MD

“Nevertheless, we also have major societal issues, currently and in the near future, that impact us all,” he continued. “Self-interest makes Baby Boomers health conscious, so they spend millions on supplements and functional foods like probiotics. Billions of dollars are spent annually on healthcare due to reduced health and function in the older population. Back pain represents a huge percentage of medical complaints. Pain plus loss of strength and balance causes falls, which leads to suffering and even death among the elderly. The cost to the family and to society is tremendous from both a psychological and financial sense. More mature men and women are working later in life due to the economy. Without a doubt, addressing core function with the Core- to-Floor protocol makes a huge difference to quality of life for patients. I have seen it repeatedly.”

The issue of disposable income is a challenge and an opportunity, Dr. Chilukuri added. “Millennials have maybe 10% to 20% of the disposable income of Baby Boomers, but much more drive toward a healthy lifestyle, maximum self-image and overall wellness. Awareness leads to interest among that population, and after some research they take action. The Baby Boomers have much more spending power, so awareness of the functional improvement is a powerful driver.”

“Emsculpt almost sells itself,” Dr. Kinney stated. “I call the devices ‘money-happiness machines’ because within a few seconds people say ‘Wow, something’s happening,’ and they leave the practice with an endorphin rush, feeling good about themselves. Millennials think Emsculpt is cool and hip and fun; the older generation feels rejuvenated and enjoys renewed confidence.”

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