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Non-invasive SygmaLift wins multiple awards worldwide

Article-Non-invasive SygmaLift wins multiple awards worldwide

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Combining high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and 635 nm laser light to achieve remarkable non-invasive facial outcomes safely and comfortably, the growing reputation of SygmaLift from MedixSysteme (Ruggell, Liechtenstein) is leaping further forward. This exciting device is winning awards around the world, especially in Asia and Europe where cultural ideals and natural-looking outcomes are commonly sought.

With more than 36 years of experience, Kenneth Thean, M.D., founder and medical director of ENSOUL Medical Clinic (Singapore), is dedicated to providing safe, effective therapies with minimal pain and downtime, which is why he finds SygmaLift so appealing.

“HIFU treatment is traditionally associated with pain,” he said, “However, SygmaLift is painless, so patients are very willing to return for additional treatments. I find that repeat treatments definitely yield better results than a single application. I can achieve significant skin lifting, improved tone, texture, elasticity and resilience, as well as reduced facial lines and wrinkles. My patients usually see results after their first treatment, with dramatic results after one session per week for three to six weeks.”

Singapore Women’s Weekly praised SygmaLift in its 2018 Spa Awards. The May 8, 2018 edition featured a periocular treatment featuring SygmaLift as the ‘Best Eye Treatment’1.

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In Dr. Thean’s experience, “The periorbital region is an important and often overlooked aesthetic area that should be addressed. SygmaLift’s trifocal handpiece is very well designed to treat this area. I do this very often with excellent results.”

The following week, the device was again featured in the online edition of Singapore Women’s Weekly, winning ‘Best Slimming Facial’ for a double chin and neck therapy2.

Furthermore, Hello! Magazine in Thailand, featured SygmaLift as part of the Editor’s Choice for ‘Most Trusted HIFU Clinic’3, and Kobieca Marka Roku, an organization dedicated to recognizing the highest quality products for the 21st century woman, awarded SygmaLift ‘Polish Feminine Brand of the Year 2018.’

According to dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Monica Jacob, M.D., of Bodyz Wellness in Mumbai, India, there’s a good reason for these accolades.

“In addition to efficacy, the procedure’s safety and comfort distinguish SygmaLift from other devices,” she stated. “It brings something new with the combination therapy of HIFU and cold laser – two notable treatments available today. This is a promising alternative for my patients, many of whom who are not ready or are unwilling to undergo a surgical facelift. The goal in addressing skin rejuvenation and better contouring is to achieve natural-looking results in the least invasive way possible.”

Dr. Thean was an early adopter of SygmaLift in Singapore, having tried the technology when SygmaLift was first introduced in the country.

“I was 60 years of age at that time, and after a series of three treatments I saw significant changes in my face,” he shared. “I really liked my results, and I knew patients would, too. I was especially pleased because SygmaLift was painless. I was tired of balancing good HIFU results with associated pain, so SygmaLift was a welcome addition to my armamentarium.”

Demand for SygmaLift is high, Dr. Thean reported. “The quick, painless and effective treatment sessions with SygmaLift result in a very high level of patient satisfaction. The treatment is so good and my SygmaLift is used so heavily that I had to invest in a second system to manage this high demand.”